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Guncraft Launches Kickstarter Card Deck

Exato Game Studios is laying down a royal flush with a brand new Kickstarter campaign combining collectable playing cards with downloadable content for upcoming voxel-based shooter, Guncraft. Backers of $5 or more will be granted a real-life collectable Guncraft USPC card deck, as well as an exclusive (and explosive!) DLC pack based on the familiar royal suit of characters with weapon sets to be used in-game.


Fold that current hand of disappointing block shooters and head over to Kickstarter to contribute to this real-life bit of swag for Guncraftthe only voxel-based shooter worth playing:www.kickstarter.com/projects/14712247/guncraft-the-deck-a-uspc-card-deck-guncraft-dlc-co

Download the Beta – for free – and let Guncraft prove what game really is the ace of spades: http://www.exatogames.com/Guncraft/

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