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Guided Fate Paradox Review

Ever wonder what it’s like to be God? I mean really what kind of being is he when he’s doing his holy duties? Well what If I told you that you could have a shot at the job simply by winning a lottery out of dumb luck. Well in Guided Fate Paradox a young man named Renya Kagurazaka found out exactly what that is like. Guided Fate Paradox was released by N.I.S or Nippon Ichi Software, and received its debut in Japan on January 24th 2013 and in the US October 28th 2013 on the Playstation 3. The game is set in the role of a Dungeon Crawler Strategy RPG. Bearing many similarities to N.I.S’s Disgaea series lots of fans of that series can be right at home playing Guided Fate Paradox. As god Renya must guide the fates of people praying to him in order to bring balance and stability, and he does this by using a machine known as the Guided Fate Circuit.gfp 1

The dungeons consist of the basic Strategy RPG grid system with some twists. Its not entirely the typical turn based system, instead every time you move the enemies in the dungeon can take the same amount of moves. Almost like a real time chess game. But you still pick up weapons, armor, and various other things through out in order to upgrade Renya and his company of angels and summons that assist him in his quest. The leveling system can be a bit complicated as its based around several different systems and strategies, but once you master its difficulties it is extremely gratifying. Such an example is dying. Literally dying is incorporated into the leveling system so that you can be revived and come back stronger than before. But you might want to store your best items in the bank before hand cause once you die all items and equipment being currently held are lost forever. This system can be extremely unforgiving if you make one miss step.gfp2

My one big gripe with the game is lack of diversity. The entire game felt like it was entirely based around simple grinding. Which normally I don’t have an issue with but it felt like it got old quick in this game. And the enemies were few and far between with there designs excluding the bosses. The strategy for beating all the basic enemies was mindless and felt rather easy all the way through. I did enjoy the leveling of the weapons though and the fact that the characters outfit changed with the gear that was equipped. Little things make a difference and that was spot on.gfp3

The game does boast an impressive 40 hours of gameplay at least which keeps providing you with material to grind through. So if your into strategy RPG’s with long gameplay this will fit the bill. After you’ve beaten the long haul of the main story a new challenge dungeon will be unlocked that changes how your leveling works while inside of it presenting players with a much bigger challenge than anything previous in the game. This is the true pay off to completing the game in my opinion. Another spot where I felt the game shined was its catchy soundtrack. I often found myself humming along or bobbing my head with the tunes stuck in my mind for hours.gfp4

All in all Guided Fate Paradox is a fun and interesting game for fans of Strategy RPG’s. It starts slow but gets much much better as the game progresses and provides plenty of game time to sink your teeth into. Especially recommend for those who have played the Disgaea series. With plenty of cheerful characters, catchy and entertaining soundtrack, and lots of game play time to keep you busy I give Guided Fate Paradox for the PS3 a 7 out of 10. Happy Gaming.

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