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Gotham City Impostors Review



A true Batman fan knows Batman does not use guns. This rule, however, does not apply to the citizens of Gotham. Which is evident by the fact that it’s apparently really easy to acquire highly dangerous weapons and put them in the possession of people who are probably guaranteed dangers to the community.

Pictured: Typical Comic-con Rap Battle.

Plot is virtually non-existent, but it doesn’t really matter in most aspects. Basically, Batman is gone, so it’s up to the citizens of Gotham(read: Batman fanboys and fangirls) to protect the city. Of course, with Batman gone, Joker’s gang sees this as an opportunity to raise some hell. Bear traps, basketball shorts, and a lot of ridiculousness ensues.

First off, this game is all online multiplayer, all the time, so if you’re not Xbox Live Gold, don’t even bother dropping $15.  Its set up Call-of-Duty style, with 6-man teams going head to head in a variety of game modes.


Variety is the name of the game. Everything from your loadout, to your Jokerz/Bats costume, to your pseudo-playercard can be tailored to your lacking. Even gender is customizable, a feature surprisingly lacking in many of the shooters on the market today.

Of course a big minus is that it you have to play a lot of hours to unlock the cooler(if your playing as a guy) or sexier( if your playing as a girl) pieces to your costume. However, you can also just buy them with microsoft points, so rest assured all the rich kids with daddy’s credit cards already have the coolest looking costumes.

Gameplay wise it’s not the call of duty clone I was expecting. With the wide variety of weapons and techniques, no two games are alike. However, this doesn’t mean it’s a good thing.

This game has positively no fucking clue as to what the term balance means. I understand they tried to make the term versatile, but seriously? Not a single dev stopped and thought, “Wait a minute, maybe this won’t be fair?” No, they didn’t.

The Katana is damn-near instakill, the shurikens do nothing, and the glider dive-bomb spam is rampant. It even extends past the guns to the characters.  If someone chooses the large body-type( gives more health) and takes the perk that increases maximum health, their basically unkillable. I’ve played games where the person with the most points is always has the most buffed health.  And the only way you can practice against him is online, because this game has absolutely no way to practice against the A.I.

This thing? It will be the bane of your existance.

This games will definitely appeal to that crowd of comic-book reading Call of Duty nerds. I am not one of those people. The garbage matchmaking, broken weaponry, and overpriced everything, do not carry the weight of the $15 bucks I dropped on it.

6.5 Call of Duty Impostors out of 10.


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