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Goodbye Deponia: The First Teaser Has Arrived

On the first day of E3 Daedalic gives their fans another breath of Deponia’s fresh air: their first teaser for Goodbye Deponia has been released.
Of course Deponia wouldn’t be Deponia without Rufus and his spectacular accidents. You can get a glimpse at some of them right now in the teaser:
During E3 in Los Angeles Daedalic Entertainment presents first ingame-scenes and impressions of Goodbye Deponia. In addition to Goodbye Deponia the developer from Hamburg also introduces Blackguards, a turn-based RPG, as well as their new adventure games Memoria and 1954: Alcatraz.

For those of you who are interested, there is indeed a story:
Elysium and saving Deponia seem to be just within arm’s reach for Rufus and Goal. But Rufus’ innate talent for chaos and mayhem also seems to have reached a whole new level. And so, instead of his great triumph, a crippling setback awaits. For the first time, Rufus is ridden by self-doubt. He wouldn’t be Rufus though if he’d let that get the best of him. To tackle this new heap of problems, however, one Rufus just isn’t enough…

For those of you who are insterested, there is no real reason why this news report is late:
“Deal With It.”

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