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Go Home Dinosaurs Review


Go Home Dinosaurs is a tower defense title for the iOS recently ported the PC through Steam. A trend that is clearly not slowing down the games typically comes with extra content and better controls. Go Home Dinosaurs is surprisingly unique with its gameplay, which is really something because this genre of strategy game is pretty cut and dry.

The game’s premise is described as such; prevent hordes of marauding dinosaurs from crashing your party in the world’s premier BBQ defense simulator. Unlock powerful towers that act like weaponized puzzle pieces. Take control of a rock-throwing, coconut gathering gopher and build your battlefield to keep the Dinos at bay.

The game’s gameplay, as previously mentioned, is rather unique despite being a tower defense title. You of course, must place towers around a track that the enemies walk over. The catch is that the grid you are allowed to place towers on is limited to the shape of the tower you are placing. So in many cases, half of your towers won’t fit with the given environment. Think of it like balancing Tetris with Defense Grid. I got to say, this is what makes Go Home Dinosaurs a good game. This mechanic works very well and makes the player think before the level starts and during the level as it progresses.

There are 18 powerups and towers to use all needing a form of currency to place. This currency is coconuts and also plays in to the strategy element. Coconut trees will randomly spawn through the level but the more towers you place, the more spaced out these trees get. If the trees are far apart, you may lose valuable damage on approaching Dinos. In some cases, it is best to wait until you know you can afford a tower to compensate, or you can get each one as it pops up.

Much of the strategy is also dependent on the gopher you control as he does damage to dinos as well. That’s when the use of powerups comes into play. These powerups can stun, do extra damage, and slow Dinos to make it easier for towers to do their job. The catch? The cost coconuts to use as well and it can set you back if you are too liberal with the powerups.

The art style is rather “cutesey” I guess if that is a word, but the design of certain boss dinos or even the towers are somewhat satirical. Their content is rather humorous often making pop culture references. The music is upbeat but somewhat forgettable. The true fun is in the gameplay which is finely tuned and original.

With 60 levels to play, Go Home Dinosaurs offers a large amount of challenge and with Steam achievements it has some replay value. Collect in game coins to purchase extra powerups, towers, and outfits for your gopher. I give Go Home Dinosaurs an 8/10. The gameplay is great, but it lacks some content. If you want to kill some time, this is the game for you.

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