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Get Involved in East vs West

Paradox Interactive recently sounded the alarm and has moved to Defcon 4 as it kicks off the start of the “We Are The World” campaign for East vs. West: A Hearts of Iron Game, an upcoming Cold War simulation game developed by BL-Logic in collaboration with Paradox Development Studio. New screenshots for the title have also been released and the game’s official website has launched.

The “We Are The World” campaign will allow players to create and submit their own historical or ahistorical character for East vs. West, with the favorites picked by the devs to be used in-game. Will your leader be a benevolent soul with a fervent vision of unity or will they be a ruthless dictator bent on the nuclear destruction? Players are encouraged to participate and help shape the mold of East vs. West during its development and can even submit pictures of themselves.

Interested in submitting your own ideas? Then you should probably read up on the rules first.

East vs. West: A Hearts of Iron Game takes place during the dangerous Cold War era between 1946-1991. Crafted by BL-Logic with the support of a dedicated group of modders and in collaboration with Paradox Development Studio, the game is based on the Clausewitz engine and allows players to relive the diplomatic, economical and military tension of the Cold War in this grand strategy game. Bring issues before the U.N. council, plot the removal of foreign leaders, initiate espionage to stay ahead of your rivals, and, above all else, prepare your country for nuclear war.

It’s currently planned to be released in the first quarter of 2014.

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