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Generation of Chaos: Pandora’s Reflection Review


Generation of Chaos: Pandora’s Reflection is the 6th installment in the Generation of Chaos franchise for the PSP (yes people still make PSP games). Available only as a digital download it seems rather odd for a PSP to be released due to the Vita being a better handheld. However, this is a game that you can play on your vita so you do not necessarily need a PSP to play it. The game is different compared to previous titles and it stands on original gameplay and solid storytelling.

Hades has been destroyed by war. Everyone is struggling in this world of unrest and hardship. Claude and his sister Yuri are on a journey to break a curse. This curse has been destroying Yuri from the inside out. Marked with a butterfly tattoo her appearance makes onlookers uneasy and nervous. As Claude and Yuri travel Hades they become entangled in a conflict most would steer clear of. The characters are unique and diverse and the storytelling is well executed. There is a lot more story in this game that it appears. Mysteries unfold and new characters will change your path on finding a cure for Yuri. However, the game is rather linear and short compared to other RPGs on the market.

What sets Pandora’s Reflection apart from other JRPGs is the combat system and game flow. You have levels to go through and everything is split up with dialog between the characters. After the dialogue, a mean person shows up and starts a fight. The combat is real time strategy with the “Attack Chance” system. Your character move along a path you set for them to capture points that will hinder your opponent and increase the amount of characters you can have deployed.

pandora-movementWhen your character crosses paths with an enemy a fight will trigger, who goes first depends on who has the higher speed stat. The Attack Chance system allows you to deal extra damage for hitting buttons at the time indicated. Each weapon type has a different speed and button layout to master. For the most part, these are pretty easy to hit and in a way, I wish it was more difficult. However, I digress as some of the enemies you fight are tough. The system does work and it adds variation to the standard combat system known in JRPGs.

The equipment of each of your characters can be upgraded through alchemy; well the weapons can at least. By using AP gained from fights you will be able to upgrade each weapon on your characters increasing their look and power. Armor and such is found on levels from talking to NPCs. Alchemy can also be used on characters to increase their level more if EXP was not enough. I like the alchemy system for upgrading weapons, it is a bummer you cannot use it on armor as well.

This is a solid JRPG. The real time environment is nice and the combat changes things up for once. Pandora’s Reflection lacks content though. The game is also a bit too linear, side quests would be nice. There is a free battle mode where you can grind and test new strategies. That is something I guess. If you have a Vita, this would be a game to get. If you have a PSP you are in luck that there are still games you can get and play that are worth it. I give Generation of Chaos; Pandora’s Reflection an 8/10.

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