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Gears Of War 3 Review: WOO!

As those who read my Sawed-Off column know, I used to despise the Gears Of War. I thought the multiplayer was a boring shotty-fest, and the campaigns came off as nothing more than achievements to be earned. Outside of my fun with horde., it just wasn’t as fun others made it out to be. When I heard the announcement for Gears3, I more or less went “meh.” BUt after looking at all the And I am so glad I did.

Savage Theron Is Savage


The campaign is vastly different from what we’ve gotten before. There are no locust to defeat(for the most part), and humanity is struggling to survive against the onslaught of the Lambent. The highest ranking soldiers are now simply deckhands, helping o keep their allies alive for another day. Marcus Fenix is one of those people. That is, until a message from Chairman Prescott shows him a message from his father. There are twists and turns, and unfortunately, a few sad deaths.

Campaigns can double as an arcade game. It’s basically campaign with points, combos, and mutators(changes that range from helpful, like double clip size, to hilarious, like a laugh track). It helps to foster some good old competition within the usual nuances of campaign.


But of course, the big party for co-op will be Horde/Beast. Horde is familiar to everyone; in fact most attribute it to starting the “Survive for as long as possible” genre in other shooters today. However, its improved  its predecessor by leaps and bound. You now have boss waves every 10 rounds, Reavers,Brumaks, and Corpsers abound. Every four waves, your presented with an optional challenge, but they reward you with cash for upgrading your bases. Grab 4 friends(not three but FOUR friends), and it is an absolute riot.

Beast, however, packs just as much punch as Horde, Beast is more of a time attack mode, where you must defeat 12 waves of COG and Stranded as fast as possible. You start with the Ticker,Wretch, Drone, and Butcher(The thing with the cleaver), but as you get more and more kills, you get access to bigger and badder Locust,  ultimately earning the right to bring the wrath of the Berserker upon the hapless humans.

Remember this? You're the monster this time.


Of course what you’ve been waiting for is my thoughts on Versus. And in case you’re wondering, its absolute bliss. The Retro Lancer and Sawed-Off Shotgun are absolute gifts from God. Gone are the days where your only options were a Gnasher and a prayer. Gone are the days where camping with the Hammer Of Dawn made you the bringer of death. Epic has gone to great lengths to balance the issues that plagued Gears 2. Finding a game is easier than ever, usually taking 30 seconds at the most. Instead of waiting for an equal amount of players to fill the lobby, you can jump into a quick match in progress, and play almost immediately.

That being said, it doesn’t mean you SHOULD play immediately. If you were terrible at Gears 2, you will still be terrible, but to a lesser extent. I suggest you grind out your first few levels with bots, then jump online. Learn the spawns as soon as you can; The faster you do, the faster you acclimate.

It also boasts new games Team Deathmatch and Capture the Leader. Team Deathmatch is exactly what you think, but not what you think: Each team shares a pool of lives, counting down until your respawns are exhausted. Capture The Leader, a combination of Guardian/Submission, is unique in that instead of capturing a stranded, you must now capture the enemy teams leader. To boost the leader’s chance, they have the ability to see the location of enemies with Tac/Com, an invaluable game changer.

This game. I came in expecting it to be more Gears Garbage, but what I got came out to be my personal game of the year(This coming from someone who sunk more than 100 hours into SkyRim). I can’t stress enough how much fun I had playing this game. I guarantee you on my last bag of Doritos you will love it just as much.

10 mutilated soldiers out of 10

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