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Gears of War 3: 5 reasons the Sawed-Off hate needs to stop



If you’ve been playing Gears since its initial lauch( Like me!) you probably already know where this column is going. If you ever wanna piss off a Gears veteran, kill them with the Retro/Sawed-Off(Today,I’m just gonna focus on the sawed off.), you’ll see that they will have some choice words for you, usually rambling about how much of a n00b you are for using it, and how it ruins the multiplayer.

But here’s the thing: It’s really not overpowered,broken, and it doesn’t ‘break’ the multiplayer. Hell, the Sawed-Off SAVES the multiplayer. But I don’t think most people realize that. Here are some things you should know before you start raging at the guy who turned you into meaty giblets:

5. Stealth is our only option

Lets be realistic here. The Sawed-Off has one round. If you miss with it, the chances of you dying are pretty close to 100%. The Gnasher has 7 or 8 rounds. If you miss you’ve got another slug coming right behind it, with up to 39 in tow with a quick reload. the Sawed-Off holds six, one at a time, with a slow reload.

Theoretically if you see someone rushing you with a Sawed-Off, it’s a guaranteed kill. You’ve got all those bullets, why can’t you put them to use like a Sawed-Off user could? You got the advantage in a man-to-man duel. Which is why we have to be smart with it.

The best strategy with the Sawed-Off is to catch one or two people off guard, fall back,reload, then repeat. In the open, we’re totally vulnerable, which is why working the corners is a common strategy(Known to most as ‘Corner-Camping’).

It’s through mastering its pros and cons can you get better with it. But the Vets won’t have that; They want it gone. But lets say we do that, Then you have a whole new problem to complain about…

4. There wouldn’t be much variety

Sawed-Off was my propelling reason for buying Gears Of War 3. I hated, no, I loathed the Gnasher. I hated that it was the absolute focus of the multiplayer. If you even thought about using the lancer or hammerburst, all you got was a swift, rage-inducing death.  All the wall-bouncing and 2-piecers( Melee + one Gnasher round= instant death) constantly grated on my nerves. Sawed-Off and Retro were my favorite announcements when Gears 3 was first revealed. When I finally picked the game  up, I tried them both out and never looked back.

Within 10 games, I was dubbed a n00b and a lot of other terrible things I’m not gonna tell you. The point is that people are complaining about innovation, and that is the worse thing a gamer can do. Lets say that Epic did NOT include either. What would have happened would be people complaining about a lack of innovation, or in Mr. Bleszinski’s own words: “The catch-22 of a sequel is that the die-hard fans of the franchise often feel
that they want the same game with just a better skin, whereas the naysayers say
that that’s “version 0.5″ – darned if you do, darned if you don’t. ”

And of course, when you get angry and vocal about something, the developers have to do something, which lead to number 3:

3. You aready made it suck more

After much complaint, the gib radius on the Sawed-Off now has less reach than the Gnasher. I understand that they want to kep the game balanced, but seriously? Whats the point. The fact of the matter is, it’s easier to learn how to use the Sawed-Off then the Gnasher, hence all the Sawed-Off users, hence the angry Gnasher users. What makes me angry about this, instead of trying to find ways to counter it(by watching the several videos that tell them how to do so, but more on that in the next entry.), their first response is to go bitch to Epic about how overpowered it is.

To make it clear, I’m not angry at Epic. I understand that the whole point is to keep the game balanced and fun for everyone. But there are times when you need to pull up your pants and tell the community to deal with it. You could have also did some research on how to stop it…

2.There are videos for countering it

Go to youtube right now, and type in ‘Counter Gnasher Tips’. You won’t find one, bcause they don’t exist on youtube. now type in ‘Counter Sawed-Off Tips’.  You get 3 immediate results. These people have made it very clear that they are not happy with Sawed-Off and have studied in-depth on ways to stop its bloody charge.

Now let’s think about that for a second. These are the same people who complain that only noobs use this weapon, but then feel the need to take the time to compel an in-depth guide to stop them. All this really does is shout to the world, “I’m always getting owned by the Sawed-Off, and I suck too much to accept its a perfectly fair weapon!”

It gets to the point you can’t even go watch a Tips and Tricks Vid, like this one by ThatCoolBlackGuy. Scroll down and read the comments, and you’ll see about 30% Thanks, 70% Rage.  It’s all this that makes me laugh, because no matter what …

1.It isn’t gonna stop

This is the Coup-De-Grace to all Pro-Sawed-Off debates. Not just that, but to every time a keyboard warrior decides to get in his internet-rage mode. Ultimately, 9 times out of 10, you can whine,bitch,moan, all that good stuff, and nothing is gonna change. This was demonstrated a few years back with the infamous Left 4 Dead 2 petition, which was made all the more hilarious when it was discovered that hey, this game isn’t that bad.

Now, if you happen to have basically went TL:DR, heres the big gist; Stop complaining so much. At its basic level, every video game is all about a challenge, so before you send that hate-mail to the Anya-user(It’s always an Anya-user) who caught you napping, just think that when its your turn to do the gibbing, remember how much more satisfying it’ll be.

(As an aside, stop humping downed enemies. Making Tai perform the Cupid Shuffle means nobody wins.)


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  1. Eddie Abea says
    July 5, 2012, 1:40 PM

    The sawn off has the same 1 hit kill range as the gnasher. The only difference is the sawn off has a bigger spread to shoot, making it very lenient for in your face fights, or at least it should. One of the reasons why the sawn off is so underpowered is because it relies on your opponent missing to get the job done.
    People have claimed to played with the sawn off and say it is fine. Some even say that they consistently got mvp with it. But, like I said, it relies on your opponent missing. Against people who do not play the game well, it seems to be very effective. Now play with people who are good and they will get different results.
    People who are good with the gnasher don’t even have to worry about sawed off users because the 1 hit kill range is exactly the same. So if 1 person is very good with the gnasher, and the other is good with the sawn off, the only outcome that can come out is a tie, or the gnasher winning because of the range it has.
    People say sawn off is a gun that is high risk high reward, and according to many people on the forums, this is the way it should be. Anybody decent with the gnasher can do the exact same thing the sawn off can, but with 7 more bullets, more range, and the ability to fire immediately after the first shot. This essentially makes the gnasher a low risk-high reward weapon. All the rewards without the risks.
    Another arguement that people like to use is one of the creators of the game has personally said that the weapon was made to cator to those new to the game. Maybe this was true in the beta, but as it stands now it is now even harder to use than the gnasher, the opposite of what was planned. The words spoken by the creator now no longer have much merit because they only applied to the beta sawn off, not the sawn off we have now.
    I have played gears 1 and 2. With gears 3, I thought the sawn off was a fine edition to the game. It brought some much needed variety. Sawn was really simple to deal with, just use grenades to flush them out and shoot them when out of cover. If you are being charged, bring out the rifle and start shooting. Now with the present sawn off, you can do the same with the gnasher.
    The point is, sawn off sucks. It has no reason whatsoever to be picked when everything the sawn off can do, the gnasher can do better. Way better. It really needs a buff, a small one. A buff strong enough to bring it into competition but at the same time not make it overly powerful like how it was in the beta.

  2. March 2, 2012, 6:05 PM

    Awesome article.Much thanks again. Really Great.


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