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Gameglobe: Now With Zombies

Square Enix has released the Zombie Outbreak Pack, a new content update for Gameglobe™, the browser-based construction kit that allows anyone to create, share and play their own 3D games.

The Zombie Outbreak Pack is a complete suite that introduces everything zeitgeist-surfing Gameglobe creators need to create their own zombie game, including:

Electric Zombieland: The walking dead will march to the beat of a different drummer once you corral them in with electrified fences. A surefire way to add some spark to any game world.
Hit Z With Your Best Shot: Hey Joe, where you going with that crowbar in your hand? To mow down some disorderly undead? Re-dead the undead with a wide array of weapons.
Ghoulnang Style: Gameglobe creators need actors for their games, and a diverse array of living dead characters and sounds to inhabit games and terrorize players.

A Zombie Outbreak Pack-equipped Gameglobe experience gives creators the power to build the zombie game of their dreams or nightmares. To this end we have elected NOT to include:

Painfully earnest dialog (# of undead* academy award winners – zero)
Overwrought narrative (there’s little soul searching to be done when the living dead invade)
Brad Pitt (carbon-based format doesn’t lend well to digital distribution)

Getting a start on assembling your own state of decay is as easy as visiting the Gameglobe website. There you can create games for free and sample the fine work of the ever-expanding Gameglobe community.

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