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FPS Freek VS Omnigrips

I dont know about you guys but i am always wearing down the thumbsticks on my controllers and it makes some gaming hard.
I used to just trade the controllers in towards a new one, maybe one of the new game themed ones, like Gears of War of Halo Reach, or one of those spiffy chrome controllers.

That is a sexy controller right there!

But that is not a solution that is friendly to your wallet. Having to spend a lot of money to get your game back to par for the course by replacing the whole thing is just not a sound idea. So today I bring you something a little different than usual, its not a news post or a gaming review.

It’s the announcement of a challenge.

I am going to test run 2 products against each other The OmniGrips from The Controller Shop and FPS Freek from Kontrol Freek and find out which of these 2 solutions is the best buy for your money and gameplay styles.
Each accessory seems to have its own distinctions and we will just have to see which one reigns supreme for each gaming style.

Stay tuned to Koku for the results but in the meantime i pose a question to the readers.

Have you used either of these accessories before, and if so what did you like about them?

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