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FPS Freek VS Omnigrips Results

So a few weeks back i began my search for replacement grips for my worn down Xbox controller and found 2 contenders.
I purchased the Omnigrips from The Controller Shop and 2 types from Kontrol Freek, both the FPS Freeks and the CQCs.
I have tried out each of these and will list the Pros and Cons of each one.



  • Fits on the thumbstick securely
  • Easily fit on the controller with no added height
  • Traction nubs are large and make it hard for your thumbs to slip off


  • The nubs tend to dig into your thumb because of the size and become irritating after extended gameplay
  • Difficult to use on multiple controllers as they don’t remove easily

FPS Freek



  • Extended height on thumb stick makes it easier to make small accurate movements. This is helpful in FPS games.
  • Easily swap controllers as it just snaps on and off of the thumb stick
  • Traction nubs are well made and use non-slip materials
  • Can also be used on PS3 controllers


  • The extended height makes games other than FPS kinda hard to play
  • Clicking the thumb stick down is more difficult

CQC Freek


  • Height extension is less than the FPS Freeks and makes games other than FPS easier to play
  • Traction nubs are also well made and use non-slip materials
  • Can also be used on PS3 controllers
  • Easily swap controllers as it just snaps on and off of the thumb stick


Honestly i didnt really find any issues with the CQCs. But i will gladly update this list if i come across any.


Each of these options are price almost the same at $10 each so in the end they are all viable options for replacements for worn down grips, but it all really depends on what game you primarily play.

For FPS gamers i recommend both the FPS Freeks and the CQCs, i preferred using the FPS on the left stick and the CQC on the right stick, i found this to be a good balance and offset a few of the issues i had with clicking the thumb stick while using the FPS Freek.

For your everyday gamers i recommend  the Omnigrips as they are fairly well balanced even though they don’t do well in long sessions due to the nubs digging into the thumbs after a while.

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  1. Panama says
    August 18, 2012, 3:44 PM

    The head of the CQC is slightly – and I mean slightly – larger than a standard FPS Freek. It would seem that you would need to make a very wide and flat design to give an advantage in close quarter combat. But there is actually some sense in this design choice. The higher the joystick is, the less amount of force is needed to move it, and the more sensitive the joystick is. The hubcap looking design of the CQC heightens the joystick just a bit – and improves grip, without making the joystick too sensitive. This means you get the added advantage the Kontrol Freeks give without the high sensitivity – and that is where you get the close quarter advantage.


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