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FPS Freek CQC Signature Edition Review

This is my first product/accessory review, nonetheless I have something to say about Kontrol Freek’s new products for gamers. The FPS Freek CQC Signature Edition is the new accessory for gaming controllers. . Offering better control and a sleek new design, the Signature Edition is something you will want to pick up.

What sets the CQC Sig Ed. apart from the other products from Kontrol Freek? It combines the CQC design with a convex/concave design that promises better precision and control. This is exactly what the Sig Ed. delivers. I have seen these kind of accessories in the store but never bothered to pick them up. I mainly game on my PC or PS3 and rarely touch my 360. I always figured they made them for the Xbox and they were just compatible with a PS3 controller.

When I threw them on my controller, I did notice a big difference in the feeling and comfort. While many gamers and elitists would argue which controller design is better, I find that the glaring flaws in the 360 design include the thumbstick design and the D-Pad. The CQC Sig. Ed fixes the 360’s flaw in thumbstick design. It feels better, and I am given the impression I do better on my video games. The games I played with CQC SE are, Inversion, Sleeping Dogs, and Darkness 2.

Because the thumbsticks helped me maneuver my camera better, I could increase my sensitivity. Being able to move my camera quicker gave me a huge edge when playing on higher difficulties. Some people will probably hate this analogy but the CQC SE design makes me think I am using a PS3 controller. It works, and it makes me want to play my 360 a little more often than before.


However, these are not just for the Xbox 360 controller. You can put these on the PS3 controller as well. However, this is where I encountered my problem. The CQC SE’s continued to fall off when I was playing ME3 or Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage. It tripped me up and resulted in a death or too in a tough situation. Upon further inspection I noticed that under the thumbstick of the PS3 is a convex design rather than a flat design on the 360 version. The CQC SE, ironically enough, could not grip correctly on the controller.

Despite my issues with the PS3 controller, they have a permanent home on my 360 controller and I have zero issues with it. The convex/concave design works very well and I was very satisfied. If you play a lot of FPS titles, than these are definitely for you. If I were to give these a rating I would give them an 8/10. They are available now, so go pick yours up.

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