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Foreign Legion: Multi Massacre Review

Foreign Legion: Multi Massacre is a multiplayer Third person-shooter about little army guys protecting villages and such by gun toting marauders with explosives strapped to their chest. The game starts out with 3 different maps that you can choose from along with 2 different weapons a pistol and an assault rifle, whats nice is that the pistol has infinite ammo so feel free to go gung ho on everything that you see, the guys that created Foreign Legion Sakari Indie & GriN thought that it would be funny to throw in some gag enemies such as Doves chickens and crazy as it sounds but Dolphins with bombs strapped around them.

The objective of the game is to save the townfolk from getting blown up by the guys with bombs strapped across their chests by making them explode before
they can make it to the school house. Another level is where the dolphins with bombs strapped to there bodies comes into play. But all you really do is sit in a floaty for 5 minutes while shooting the dolphins who’s trying to sink a aircraft carrier, the thing is is that the aircraft carrier doesn’t even have a health bar so the only thing that you’re really missing out on is the “Blood money” that you get for killing the dolphins.

Since the game is strictly multiplayer you and several friends can get on and just run in circles trying to kill evil bad guys till your hearts content. That or until the patch to one of your MMORPG’s gets finished, because that’s how I felt that the game would only be good for. A way to pass 5-10 minutes until one of my video games gets finished patching. Anything over 10 minutes and I’m tired and frustrated with the game.

The game itself is fun (but gets kinda old pretty quickly) and its a little bit glitchy and the game throws you in without any idea as to whats going on.

Out of everything that I’ve seen and played of this game, I was kinda disappointed and I would give this game a 3.5/10.

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