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Folk Tale flashes it’s crown jewels in a Sandbox vision

In a show of continued engagement with the Folk Tale community, Folk Tale’s Developers have today published a 25-minute in depth look at what’s coming in the much anticipated Sandbox mode of the fantasy citybuilder strategy game

Having graduated Steam Greenlight in October 2012, and launched worldwide on Steam Early Access May 2013, Folk Tale is one of the most community-driven game development projects available today. The Folk Tale early alpha is available on Steam Early Access for PC and Mac priced at USD$20.

Folk Tale will be a sandbox fantasy city builder strategy game in which you lead a ragtag band of peasants in growing a small settlement into a thriving market town, while the dastardly Slavemaster Urzal and his minions plot your downfall. Sound the rallying call and head out into the wilds with parties of heroes and fight back the tide of evil in a game of endless possibilities.

Rule with tyranny and oppression, or liberalism and justice. Play as a merciless expansionist hell-bent on destruction, or as a gold-hoarding mercantilist who’ll sell their own grandmother. With random events and dynamic story, in Folk Tale you never know how the story will unfold.

Folk Tale for PC, Mac and Linux is developed by indie collaboration studio Games Foundry.

Planned Key Features:

  • Rich and varied gameplay including building your own impressive settlement and economy, defending your city from attack, exploring a rich and diverse world, raiding dungeons, and immersing yourself in the lives of your villagers as they become drawn into their own story lines;
  • Design your own maps using a map editor and share your creations with friends or the wider community;
  • Follow the lives of your foolish peasants as they evolve from simpletons into masters of an empire;
  • Collect resources and loot corpses for ingredients to be used in crafting;
  • Tongue-in-cheek humor for a refreshing blend of fantasy;
  • Endless hours of sandbox fun with random events within a dynamic story framework;
  • Three camera modes for a variety of play styles – overhead strategy-cam, third-person follow-cam, and first-person stench-cam where you can smell your peasants you’ll be that close;
  • Beautiful stylized hand-painted artwork;
  • Supports different styles of play, from fast-paced war-mongering to slower city management;

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