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Firefall Review


I am not the biggest fan of MMOs. I liked some of Wildstar and I played Neverwinter for quite some time (about level 30 is where I stopped). I never got into WoW or Everquest. I never understood paying every month to play a game. I understand there is a reason for subscription payment regarding MMOs. However, I cannot seem to keep paying for a game I will only get to play a few times a month. Free to Play is always an option, and that kind of thing works with MOBAs or mobile games. So I was apprehensive about Firefall. I liked the sci-fi art style, and that is what got me playing. However, was I able to keep playing? Well, that’s why I am reviewing the game after all.

You play as a human fighting against an alien race trying to take over the planet. It is pretty self explanatory from there. The world is riddled with dangerous creatures including human bandits, during different sections of the game you will be fighting a mix of everything if the mission dictates it. The story isn’t the best, but there are certainly worse stories in MMOs these days, especially F2P ones.

Firefall is Free to Play and I rarely partake in PvP so I cannot tell you if the game is Pay to Win in that regard. If I want a PvP experience I will play a MOBA or something. I won’t play a game for 50 hours to grind out the best equipment I could make, just to die every five seconds in a match because someone spent 60 hours instead. That is not my idea of fun. With that being said the PvE of Firefall is alright. It isn’t the best, and as usual you will need at least two more people to play this game with to get any enjoyment.

There are plenty of side quests that become unnecessarily challenging simply because you are always outnumbered, always surrounded, and the AI has the magical ability to hit you no matter how fast you move. Everything is in real time due to the FPS/TPS shooter combat system and you can switch between the two modes. I prefer third person because I like knowing my surroundings in a game where drawing aggro is so important. In addition to the often difficult and somewhat unfair side missions, the core missions become almost impossible alone. I understand that the game is a MMO and the best way to play is with a group of people, but some gamers do not have that capacity to find guilds and dedicated players. Hell, it took me forever to find a group of people to play League of Legends with.


Firefall can be played alone, but it becomes a very dull task because playing a class like the Rhino or Recon require supplemental healing and backup to be good. However, I will not base my rating solely on my solo experience with the game, it is still a small factor.

The controls are well rounded and easy to learn. The jump boosters work well for movement and they are seamless with sprinting etc. The world of Firefall is large, so there are multiple modes of transportation. One is by land through the use of a vehicle. Obtaining one takes some time and effort though, so expect to walk…a lot. You depending on what class you choose your movement speed can differ. This also depends on what equipment you have. The second mode of transportation is by air via gliding jump pads. You step on one of these and you shoot high into the air. This is not flying though, nor is it like a jetpack. You simply gain altitude and glide until you can’t anymore. It is still more serene and quicker than walking or even driving.I find driving to be the more long term solution and investing in a motorcycle or some kind of vehicle in the game is well worth the time.

Character development is interesting. You never directly level up your character, just the suit they wear. Now I had the deluxe package so I got all of the suits unlocked for me at the beginning. If you want to use other suits, you must purchase them. The difference is in the abilities they use, and the appearance obviously. You can customize the color and decals as well as your character’s facial appearance. Although, I was severely disappointed that certain facial features required payment in the form of “Red Beans” which is the actual money currency in Firefall.


There is a lot to do in the game, but it feels like there isn’t enough variation. This is the problem I find with all MMOs. I feel like I am doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different outcome, but I don’t get that. I’m not compelled to move forward in the game after playing for so long. Sure I would like to see where the end game can take me but it feels like a chore to get there. I will applaud the crafting system though, it is rather unique and fun to do. The mining can be challenging and fun as well, but finding those rarer items becomes way too difficult.

The ability system is pretty unique too. You don’t learn abilities by leveling up. You earn slots. Then you can earn abilities through quests and crafting to customize your character. This was probably the best part of Firefall because of how unique it is. You can modify cooldowns and damage with colored modules that can be found or created. The more mod slots, the rarer the item (for the most part).

Firefall is fun to play with others. It has a lovely frenetic combat system that works for MMOs. However it suffers from keeping players interested either through grinding for items or just a lack in missions. It works very will for a Free to Play game. I don’t feel hindered or forced to spend my “Red Beans” for new items. If you love MMOs, you should definitely try this game out, if you are new, you will probably find some enjoyment for quite a while. I give Firefall a 7/10. You can get it on Steam or on the Firefall website now.

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