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Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn Beta Review and Thoughts

Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn takes place five years after the events of the original release back in 2010. I will admit I went into the Beta testing very skeptical of the game itself but am pleased to say I loved the experience. The transition from the original release to a Realm Reborn  was done very well going along the story that the players character escaped the destruction from Bahamut by traveling 5 years into the future. The impending threat within this game however seems to be the invasion of the Garlean Empire and the character must prepare for that encounter. The game features a new engine, a new story, and revamped game play that I felt moved smoothly and fluidly throughout for the most part. With a few minor problems here or there that were bound to happen (hence why it was a beta), I was very impressed to immerse myself into the world of Eorzea and see what Square Enix has brought to the table this time around.golem

Players are able to build and customize there own character as you start up the game. There are plenty of options some of which are Gender, Race, Facial features, what path you want to take such as a disciple of war or of magic which will give everyone the ability to make an entirely unique character to play with. The game controls and mechanics are easy to understand and use immediately so even newcomers to MMORPG’s will be able to jump right in. Everyone’s characters level up by gaining EXP or experience points just like any typical RPG out there by completing quests, traversing dungeons, hunting creatures, etc. One new feature is the Fate system. Fate’s are events that will occur at certain times in specific locations and are only available for a small amount of time. A character nearby may jump into the specific Fate scenario and if you meet the conditions of the Fate you will be rewarded with gold and items just like any other quest, but these seem to be a bit more rewarding in my opinion.

ChimairaThe battle system and party set up was relatively simple to learn, but mastering it with worth while partners is the trick. Realm Reborn supports parties up to eight members, and will feature several roles that you would be wise to choose from within the party. Most of these are typical roles for RPG’s such as the Attacker, Healer, and Support roles. There are certain dungeons and quests within the game that only allow parties to complete them, so players will find themselves in need of friends at certain points of the game. Which in my opinion is more fun anyway when you can party up to take down some troublesome boss.18989

Without giving away to much, all in all I was very impressed with the changes and improvements made to a Realm Reborn compared to its predecessor. The overall game play and dynamics are easy to grasp and learn but grow in complexity and depth as you progress which allows you to truly make you character unique without frustrating controls and choices. The world was huge and full of many places and things to explore far beyond the main story and is sure to satisfy any RPG fan. The full game is due to be released August 27th, 2013 for the Playstation 3 and for Microsoft Windows. It will be released at a later date for the upcoming PS4. I would highly recommend this to Final Fantasy and RPG fans alike, I know I will be picking up a copy. As for the Beta, I give it 8 out of 10. Happy Gaming

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