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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Demo Out Now!

As of yesterday, Jan. 10th, 2012, a playable demo has been released for Final Fantasy XIII-2 on the PS3 and Xbox 360 marketplaces.

The FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 demo takes place in Bresha Ruins, with new character Noel and returning character Serah pitted against a gigantic and powerful adversary called Atlas. Atlas has mysteriously appeared due to an anomaly in time and space. The demo allows the player to experience many gameplay features and enhancements made after FINAL FANTASY XIII, including cinematic action sequences in battles and environments with multiple areas and paths to explore. The brand-new Paradigm Pack System is also available in the demo, giving players the opportunity to enlist defeated enemies into their party and develop them alongside Serah and Noel.

“The demo provides an excellent opportunity for players to try out the evolved battle system and fully explore an entire area of the game,” said Yoshinori Kitase, producer of FINAL FANTASY XIII-2. “We are very pleased to give our fans the chance to see the multitude of game improvements for themselves.”

Final Fantasy XIII-2 hits the shelves for the 360 and PS3 in less than 22 days!!

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