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Fighter Within: The Review


The Xbox One certainly was not short on exclusives on launch and in the 6 month window there are at least 8 exclusive titles to get or look forward to for the new Microsoft console. Hinging on the use of a new model of the new Kinect sensor, Fighter Within is a Kinect only title that launched with the Xbox One from Ubisoft. Upon the announcement at E3 interests were peaked at what this new age fighting game had to offer. Much to my dismay and disappointment, Fighter Within is another casualty of new technology and misleading advertising.

I really couldn’t gather much from the story. It tries really hard to be complicated and deep and what ends up happening is a story that never connects any of the characters together to make it coherent. While I understand this is a fighting game and playing one for the story is just rude, games like Injustice, Mortal Kombat, Guilty Gear, BlazBlue, and even Soul Calibur have stories and lore that add depth to the game. Fighter Within just does nothing of the sort. The dialogue is poorly written and poorly acted (almost robotic) and other than their looks, there isn’t much to distinguish the differences of the cast.

Kinect only games are somewhat of a hit and miss. Games like Dead Rising 3 and Kinect Sports make good use of the increased functionality of the peripheral. Fighter Within is Kinect only and it does not hold up well. Just starting the game is a hassle due to the menus selection being a mess. While the game tells you how to navigate the menus it does a horrible job explaining what you have to do. You have to press the options like a button, but with little movement and if you deviate just a little from the exact motion, it doesn’t register.

The combat is something that could have been great, the trailers did a nice job hyping up the game. The reality is that you stand in one place, feet firmly planted to the ground, and fail your arms around. While the actual punching and kicking movements are fine, the dodging and blocking mechanics are what make this game difficult to play, especially in the tutorial area. You have the ability to counterattack but it is so poorly explained and poorly tracked that you will never perform the actual movement. At first, I thought this game would make me work up a sweat if I played long enough, but it tried my patience and it made me mentally exhausted trying to get through the menus or even complete the tutorial.

Special attacks are broken and when I read more into what you can do with the combat it seemed great. It appeared to be cool and unique, but getting to that stage of the game is not fun or easy. The combo system is dull and way too simplistic for a fighting game. You can try to play this with friends, but you may have more fun laughing about how unresponsive it is rather than playing the game. Fighter Within demonstrates what people have been saying about Kinect only games, they are unresponsive games with troublesome and poorly executed ideas. I really wanted to like Fighter Within and was expecting a game that learned from the 360 Kinect issues, this was not the case and this game does not feel Next0Gen in any way.

I give Fighter Within for the Xbox One a 2/10. This game is practically unplayable and should be avoided until it hits the 5 dollar bin.

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