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Fieldrunners 2 Review


Fieldrunners 2 is the sequel to the hit tower defense game for iOS. The new game has been ported to the PC and in a very nice fashion. This is a common trend happening with popular iOS titles. Many of the PC ports work well in terms of gameplay. While you can see how the touch controls fit in with how the game plays, the game may feel a bit small in comparison to PC exclusive games. Fieldrunners 2 however, seems like a game that belongs on the PC.

In Fieldrunners 2 you will use a variety of towers and items to defend your base from an onslaught of enemies. Games will last anywhere from 5-10 minutes due to the large amount of waves per game. They average out at about 70 waves rather than the standard 10. On occasion there is a bonus round with a tough miniboss you can KO for extra points and an achievement.

Before I get into the core gameplay I want to acknowledge one of the best elements of this game. It has the ability to sneak up on you. What I mean is that Fieldrunners 2 will start off rather simple and easy. You will go through levels seemingly flawless. Then in the middle something happens where you have to really put your brain to the test. Levels will start off slow and get your confidence up but as the level progresses it takes a spike and makes you regret all of the choices you made in how you spend your money.

Fieldrunners2-DrylandsAs a tower defense game the core mechanics are all here. Base to defend, hordes of enemies, and lots of towers and as you KO enemies you will get money to place more towers and upgrade them. You can see the path the enemies will spawn from and take so you can act accordingly. The towers available are pretty standard at first. As you earn stars from completing levels you will earn more and more towers, each getting more expensive to place.

You can also unlock unique towers that are vastly more powerful than the ones you unlock with stars. Depending on the level of difficulty and how good your score is, you will earn coins. You will use these coins to purchase items and of course towers. This is something I like, however, it is a bit of a downer because these towers cost a lot of coins and you do not gain coins at a steady pace.

In addition to the standard tower defense there are three other gameplay types you will play as you go through the game. They are Time Trial, Puzzle, and Sudden Death. Time Trial has you KO a certain amount of enemies in a given amount of time. The Puzzle levels take cunning and quick reflexes to use a limited amount of money to complete each wave. Sudden Death has you KO a certain amount of enemies before you get overrun. These are new to the PC port and I am glad they are there. They add variety to the game so it does not seem so monotonous.

This is a tower defense game in and out. While the gameplay is not the deepest and the game is not particularly long. It does have a healthy amount of replay value with Steam Achievements and beating high scores. This is a very well done port with a lot of fun. I give Fieldrunners 2 for the PC an 8/10. While there are many great mechanics in this game, the coin system was a bit off putting and the puzzles feel pretty unforgiving. The large wave count is great, but sometimes it feels a bit too long. This game is still worth your money if you enjoy tower defense games. You can pick it up on Steam.

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