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Fairy Fencer F Review

Compile Heart has returned to the west with our version of Fairy Fencer F for the Playstation 3. The game sets you into the shoes of main character Fang, a lazy and slovenly character who would rather eat a hot meal than save the world, and Eryn a mystical weapon/fairy/furie. Already the plot for this game sounds hilariously out of place but for Compile Heart this is a good territory. The comedy in the game kept me laughing although some of the characters were alittle to over the top at times, but the story kept it going along as well. Fang and Eryn set out to collect 100 furies, which are fairy’s in the form of magical weapons, so that the two of you can release the goddess of light back into the world and ensure that the evil Vile God stays sealed forever.Fairy fencer 2

The battle system within Fairy Fencer F is a standard turn based one, and doesn’t exhibit anything we havn’t seen before but still manages to feel solid and challenging all the way through. Containing plenty of customization options such as integrating combo’s differently for each character, learning new spells and attacks, and the standard equipment schemes Fairy Fencer F has enough meat to it for hardcore rpg players and newcomers alike without getting really confusing. Anyone can jump in and get right down to buisness. At every point where you would be introduced to a new technique or situation, the game provides a simple and easy to understand tutorial that was rather helpful throughout the entire game. The key ability you gain is the ability to “Fairize”, or combine with your Fairy/Weapon to boost all your characters attributes for a short amount of time. fairy_fencer_f_3

Although the character models look amazing during the cutscenes, the graphics overall in the game are….well they leave much to be desired. I found the enviroments/dungeons where you get to move around freely in were all rather grainy. The camera angles were poor as well making navigation at times a problem. The other downside was the navigation itself as a whole. The only time you get to freely move around is inside dungeons. All other traveling or moving around is done through navigating a menu. This made me a little sad, it was a missed opportunity for giving gamers “the little things” that make a game stand out.fairy-fencer-f-1

Fairy Fencer F was very entertaining and I enjoyed playing through it despite its few misgivings. The solid battle system is the games shining point and there was plenty of laughs along the way to keep me entertained. Its a perfect addition to any JRPG fans collection or for someone looking for an easy game to get into that doesn’t get too serious. 6.5 out of 10.

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