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Eurogamer Expo: Hitman Absolution Developer Session

It may be too early to awash the whole of the Eurogamer Expo with generalised themes, so I’ll refrain from talking about how this year the player choice is…I’ll just stop there, you get the picture. We’ll save our judgements until after the weekend’s frolics.

With IO Interactive’s Developer Sessions online, we watched to see what Agent 47 has been up to since awaking from his coffin and ruining his own funeral. From the extensive gameplay shown, the bald assassin seems to be back to his old self. The developers presentation was made up of varying play-throughs of a level called The Streets of Hope: a sunny town, filled with vats of oil, broken cars and hazardous generators. Plenty for Agent 47 to have fun with.

The Streets of Hope was the playground for IO Interactive in which to show off the Contracts mode of Hitman Absolution, where you compete with the online community to score the most points with the quickest, quietest or bloodiest kills. It’s only day two of the Eurogamer Expo, but yet again we were being shown how the choice is in our hands. Perhaps nothings new here, as the great thing about the Hitman franchise was that choice, or rather a sum of elaborate invention and on-the-spot improvisation, was always part of the lethal equation.

Three play-throughs commenced, the first seeing 47 taking out unsuspecting targets with his favourite sniper rifle, before knocking out a guard and strolling to safety. The second replay substituted silence for blood. Lots of blood. 47 ran through the streets gunning down civilians, police and targets alike. Finally, we were reminded why we love the Silent Assassin so, as 47 completed the third round with a whole array of electrifying means.

For the full developer session check out Eurogamer’s posting below.

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