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Eurogamer Expo: Halo 4 Developer Session

We at Koku Gamer aren’t at the Eurogamer Expo until the weekend. And while we bite our nails in anticipation, the team at Eurogamer have been kind enough to stream the first day’s developer sessions online.

Kicking off this year’s Expo was 343 Industries’ Frank O’Connor with an exclusive preview of Halo 4. And what a way to start. Mr O’Connor played through the third level of the single campaign, which saw Master Chief fighting through a warzone, as the Covenant and Promethean battled it out. It might not be the best looking game of the year, but the atmosphere and drama on show today was outstanding. From brutal melee takedowns to teleporting aliens, we were left drooling.  There are some familiar features that we were pleased to see, as the Chief boarded the banshee vehicles to rule the skies.

From what we saw 343 Industries have worked hard to make you feel that you really are fighting your way through a battlefield, and as the chaos unravelled, it became clear that Master Chief must wade through the storm to take down a broadcast relay. Alongside this breath-taking action, the voice acting was a notable step up from the previous games, creating a dynamic world that we can’t wait to dive into.

Here are the controllers for the Halo 4 Special Edition Xbox 360.

However we won’t have to wait too long. Although the game, as well as Special Edition Console, doesn’t launch until early November (the 6th, unless you’re in Japan, in which case it’ll be the 8th), YouTube channel, Machinima Prime will be premiering ‘Forward Unto Dawn’, a live action drama set 20 years before Halo 4. And yes your favourite Spartan will feature.

The trailer of ‘Forward unto Dawn’ was followed by a Q&A session. All of which can be found on the video below. We suggest skipping to  If the rest of the Expo is going to be this exciting, we’re going to need a holiday come Monday.

For more on Halo 4, why not check out our previews of the Covenant and Promethean Weapons of Halo 4.

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