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Eurogamer Expo: Far Cry 3 Developer Session

As we mentioned in our last Eurogamer Expo posting, we don’t arrive on the Eurogamer Expo floor until the weekend. However we are able to bring you coverage of the Developer Sessions taking place, thanks to the lovely people at Eurogamer posting them online.

Jamie Keen was at the helm for Ubisoft as he introduced Far Cry 3. Up until now Ubisoft have released coverage of the campaign and multiplayer modes, but Jamie was able to offer a new perspective on the world itself and the thinking that went into how it was created. We all remember the relentless maniac jeep drivers of Far Cry 2, and ever respawning enemies. Thankfully Ubisoft have been working hard to turn that hostile world, in which everyone wanted to skin you alive, into the much more dynamic, and realistic realm.

The designers have focused on creating a hybrid of strong narrative gameplay within a huge sandbox environment. With Red Dead Redemption and Skyrim noted as inspiration here’s hoping that Far Cry 3 can mix the best of Call of Duty with that of Elder Scrolls and reinvent the first person shooter into a game as much about feeding your curiosity as it is about reloading ammo. So what does this really mean when we get our hands on it? A world we care about, one that we can craft and change, a world in which we’ll feel like the first to explore it – or so Ubisoft hope.

Jamie went on to describe how the map have been intricately designed to create points of interest to guide us as we play, whilst hunting and racing challenges will help create the feeling that we are truly living in the world, rather than running from mission to mission.

The AI appears much improved from the previous instalment too. Now factions will fight each other, rather than just you. In other places, towns of locals will offer help and advice as you, playing as Jason, get to know the islands. Animals also inhabit the environment, and can even be used to attack the enemy, that is if they don’t get to you first.

Ubisoft seem to have created a living, breathing, open world. Whether it’ll live up to the colossal standards set by Red Dead and Skyrim is another matter entirely. Disappointingly there wasn’t a great deal of gameplay on offer during the presentation. But if an in-depth presentation into how the developers crafted Far Cry 3 and the thinking behind that details interests you, then you’re in for a treat. We certainly look forward to discovering if any ancient ruins are to be found when the game is released. In the meantime, why not check out Ubisoft’s presentation below.

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