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Enzai 18+

Yaoi Warning!!

                Like most things around this time of year, Enzai can be a very twisted game. It’s a Japanese, prison, torture, rape dating simulator. This game is a Yaoi doujin game, regardless of the female like characters in it, but overall is based around BDSM (Bondage, Dominatrix, Slave, and Master) torture. There is also an anime which is only two episodes long following the first basic story line of the game, seeing how there are many. Although the anime can be hardcore, it does not compare to the game’s cruel nature at all.

The story starts out as you being the main character, a twelve year-old boy named, Guys. First impression of the game…stupid, they can’t even come up with names. Contrary to the main character’s name, the rest are pretty good and the story is unexpected. Guys is a young rebellious boy, whom with his gang gets into small trouble, such as petty theft and some broken windows at most in what seems like some poorer city in London.

Being in the wrong place at the wrong time (which is an unavoidable piece of the story given it’s within the first 10 minutes) lands Guys in a very bad situation. The local head of the police is accusing him of murder, due the fact Guys happened upon the end of the scene while running away from just stealing some candy. With the actual culprit is the one accusing him so he can have his own sexual ways with the Guys. And the other items in Guys’ pockets don’t help his case at all.

Unable to win his trail, due to a lousy lawyer named, Lusca, Guys is sent to prison for life. Automatically the warden, Durer, is feeling guys up in claims he is searching for hidden items, luckily Guys is literally saved by the bell. Walking into the prison there is no windows, no sunlight, and no women.  He is thrown in with the others who are wrapping up their long day with dinner, and is greeted by some friendly and not so friendly people. From there your decisions on the questions given determine your path.

Done correctly, you can come the ideal happy ending, or be shot in the back from trying to run, or even end up as a sex slave for the rest of your life in that miserable prison.

The actual game is very long, going through a full scenario can take between 3 and 5 hours with many scenarios to uncover and even secret endings which is why you might have to play the same scenario multiple times.

You would think a prison game wouldn’t be very much fun, given regular prison life is very boring, but we have to remember this is a dating simulator, nothing is as it should be other than the food sucks. The game is jam packed full of intense sex and rape scenes. Nobody in this game misses a chance to fuck your ass, given you’re the most feminine thing to come around for a long time. One of the first most intense scenes in the game a bondage torture session with the warden and his fat, lusty guest.

What makes this game so horrific, even to people like myself who are into this kind of thing, is the mass amount’s pain inflicted onto this child. The fact he has no hope of every getting out, unless you of course go through the right scenario to get out. As hot as some of the sex can be, there are nasty things in this game which people have obviously thought of before to do, but the idea just makes you sick. Even when you are going through just one of his normal day in prison, there is just so much gloom it makes you want to kill yourself.

I did like this game a lot because a lot of my own fetishes come into play, but the game itself is very dirty. (And I mean that literally, the people in this game are so covered in dirt that how they even consider having sex) If you are into Yaoi and the BDSM, it’s a good game but even with those things on its side, if just very disgusting game. Yea, I still do play it, but it is definitely not one of my favorite games and I’m pretty sure it never will be.

And if you ever want a glimpse of what the game is like go ahead and watch the hour worth anime released, because that will tell you more than enough, the anime as just as disgusting as the game. (Again, I’m talking about hygiene, it grosses me out to think these people are doing this while they are so filthy, prison or not)

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