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Elemental: Fallen Enchantress Review

Elemental: Fallen Enchantress is a strategy RPG game that is highly addicting and provides hours of great gameplay. The game does lack a storyline, unless you could consider the opening cutscene as such. None the less, Fallen Enchantress’ gameplay and extra features make up for it. The game also provides new players with an amazingly in depth tutorial to help new players get into the gameplay a lot easier.

In Fallen Enchantress there are 8 playable characters to choose from with a number of different factions as well as the ability to customize your own character and faction to your liking. There are a number of maps to play on as well as the ability to create your own map from scratch and even options as to how often monsters spawn or how dense the materials such as crystal and iron ore spawn. The gameplay has a civilization feel to it in the fact that it is turn based, you create your settlements and research different technologies. What’s unique about Fallen Enchantress is that there are different characters you can find on the map and recruit to your side each with their own special traits that could help or hinder them in combat. There are also various quests on the map leveling from weak to epic in difficulty. These quests may provide you with rare and powerful equipment or even new allies that are normally unobtainable otherwise. Actual combat may be skipped or you may control your units on combat if you choose. If you do choose to do the battle yourself you are provided with a large grid area with yours and the enemies units. Everything is turn based and the speed in which your characters go at is based on their initiative. The difference these 2 options make is that you could seemingly win an impossible fight as long as you do it right yourself instead of letting the AI run in themselves. Later on, special units seems to begin lacking any use in battles as you get the option to create and train your own units which you can equip all of the best equipment at your disposal and mass produce them should you have the materials. The one thing that the special characters have is that they can equip the unique and powerful weapons you find questing which makes them a viable choice in combat. There is severe punishment to losing your units. Your main character loses a % of their overall mana (which is used to cast spells) and is transported to a nearby city, your regular units just plain die but the special units who fall in combat are punished by breaking a nose or getting gangrene hand which makes them lose stats. These debuffs and illnesses are incurable, so choose your battles wisely and approach with caution.

Areas where you are allowed to settle are scarce but don’t limit the players enough to not be able to create the kingdom they imagined beforehand. Managing your settlements is easy to learn. You have the option to train and design new units here or manage the cities production and income by building various things like markets or workshops. Your “dream” units you build here can get very expensive mass produce as materials such as iron ore and crystal are extremely scarce. Your cities grow based on population which is increased as you build more landmarks within them which allow more and more population to live in that city. As your city grows larger and larger it can gain specialization such as a concave which increased research or a town which allows it to grow even faster. The choices you make here vary a lot and contribute greatly to your late game whether or not you want to ally yourselves with everyone else for the win or destroy them and make the world your own.

Much like civilization, you with eventually run into an enemy faction who will either like or hate you, depending on various things such as distance, power and many hidden variables, but that isn’t important. Fallen Enchantress provides players with a politic aspect which allows you to offer or accept various treaties such as trade or peace for a certain amount of time. The options are all simple but there are a few bugs with this such as the character model overlapping itself or when you put in a value of gold to offer, you put down more than you offered making it so you manually have to click everything.

The extra features that Fallen Enchantress provide include the ability to create your own character, factions, particle effects for abilities and even your own maps. The first thing you notice when creating your character is that the models are god awful, as in they could be the models you see on a Nintendo 64. This does not take away from the gameplay at all, but does shock you a bit when you first see them. The faction creation is identical to the character creation except that you don’t get as many options in what special traits and abilities they acquire. The most complicated part about the extra features is the particle creator for different spells. There isn’t much to say about it because it’s not really my department but the fact that it’s there is always a nice thing. Lastly, the map creator is very simple. It’s easy to get into but is very time consuming. Players will have a sense of accomplishment one they do complete a map of their own whether it be to make your game one sided in your favor or add some sort of unique challenge.

Overall, the experience of Fallen Enchantress never dulls and layers will always feel a sense of accomplishment while playing. At first the game is a bit confusing, but over time the game gets better and better and becomes a huge addiction. The uniqueness of the game complimented by great yet simple gameplay and the fact that it’s easy to pick up makes the game fun and rewarding. The gameplay isn’t for every player out there, but if you do enjoy strategy games this game is perfect for you.


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