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Element4l Review


A game appeared on Steam called, Element4l. The game peaked my interest because it advertised itself as a physics puzzle game. Developed by I -IIlusions, Element4l shows a different kind of uniqueness to the physics puzzle genre. The difficulty is really through the roof, the game can leave you scratching your head wondering, “How am I going get through this part?” The game is very simple and worth your time if you’re a puzzle game enthusiast. Element4l focuses on really simple mechanic that you don’t need extra elements of gameplay to make it good.

Simplicity is the name of the game and all you have to do is push four buttons at the right time to ensure you get to the end. It is that simple. It should be marveled at because that’s something games have been missing. They try to be original, but become a convoluted cluster of boring when much of the originality these days is coming from the simplest of games. And I-lIlusions is a developer that has capitalized on that mindset.

Element4l has very smooth gameplay that flows very well. You control the four elements; these elements are bound by the journey to shape nature, only hindrance is the environment and the sun. Element4l takes a different innovative approach to classic platforming, challenging the player at every turn and honing your reflexes to the finest they can be. Element4l doesn’t have much of a story there are some cutscenes cut scenes you see to set a tone for the game and it’ll works. Not every game needs high res pre rendered cutscenes to convey a point.

This game isn’t supposed to be a game where it conveys a story that will make you remember it for years to come. Element4l is a game that wants to be fun and challenging. It does just that. You control four elements, fire, earth, ice and wind. You must use all four of these to get through the game. There are 16 levels through 4 different areas. Apart from the singleplayer levels, there is a race mode and a challenge mode if you want to change things up from the difficulty that is the core game. These extra modes and challenges will get you better at the game and allow you to conquer the standard game with ease.

You control four different elements and use physics to your advantage. Gain height as the air element, drop quickly with the rock element, slide up ramps with the ice element, and cross large gaps with the fire element. That is all you have to do. It feels easy at first but you will quickly learn that this game will definitely challenge your skills and reflexes. You’re going to have to switch between all four different elements in a span of a couple seconds. Sadly, simplicity is both a breath of fresh air but something that hinders the game. There isn’t much content to speak of, there are extra levels and there will be free DLC coming out after the game has launched.

The game still feels short despite how challenging the game is once you beat it, you don’t have much reason to continue playing. It has a really quick reset time so if you it has the Angry Birds execution. You will keep playing by just trying “one more time” which in AAA games isn’t very common. The art style is like the gameplay very simple but it gets the job done. It’s very nice to look at although the blooming blur features are used possibly little bit too much. Nothing is bad is games like Halo where bloom is in your face the entire time. The music is done by a group known as Mind Tree and I’ve never heard of before this game but the soundtrack of Element4l is fantastic.

Element4l is a game that suffers from its simplicity and lack of content. Many aspects of his game are a breath of fresh air to the gaming library that is Steam there isn’t enough reason to keep playing after you’ve beaten initial single player. You have to play this game at least once; it really is a special game. I give Element4l an 8/10. It was too short and there isn’t enough replay value.

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