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Editor’s Choice: Jason’s Top 10 Video Games of 2013

10. Knack (PS4)131

Many of you might not agree with this choice but personally i really enjoyed playing Knack. As a launch title i found it to be rather fun, and for those of you who purchased an extra controller this game does have multiplier co-op. The difficulty of this game is fairly high with the low health/defense status of default Knack but being able to unlock other forms such as Vampire Knack (constant health drain and hitting enemies heals you) or Brittle Knack (increased strength in exchange for decreased defense) give the replay value of this game a boost.

9. Pikmin 3 (WiiU) large

I always enjoyed the Pikmin games for the gamecube and even the remakes for the Wii, and this Pikmin game is no different. It’s bright and colorful and some of the puzzles in this game can really test your patience as the clock ticks away. Better gather as much food as you can because once you run out it’s game over. This pressure actually made me enjoy the game more than if i had as much time as i wanted. Anyone who enjoyed the previous Pikmin games should give this one a try.


8. Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (3DS) Mario-and-Luigi-Dream-Team-1

While i might still be holding my breath for a true sequel to Super Mario RPG, the Mario And Luigi series has been about as close as i have gotten to this. I enjoy the battle system as well as the various puzzles presented throughout the campaign. For any RPG loving 3DS owners i strongly recommend you go out and pick this one up.

7. Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut (WiiU) Deus-Ex-Human-Revolution-Directors-Cut-6

What is not to love? The original Deus Ex:HR was an amazing game, i loved it.  You can read my review of it here, and with the release of the Directors cut this game is just as fun with some new Bells and Whistles. If you have a WiiU and haven’t played Deus Ex you should do yourself a favor and give it a try.

6. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (WiiU, 3DS) monster_hunter_3_ultimate_13563081769732

This is the first console version of Monster Hunter to be released in the US since the PS2 era and people are loving it. Between the online play and the WiiU/3DS cross play this game has kept me and my friends entertained for months. It just goes to show that sometimes people underestimate to power of localization. Even with the 3DS version not being able to play online by itself it still makes a great option for local LAN parties of Monster hunter as long as someone brings a WiiU. At this point i’m looking forward to more Monster Hunter games in the US after the amazing success that MH3U has had.


5. Saints Row IV (PS3, Xbox360, PC)Saints Row Article 02

It’s ridiculous, over the top, completely implausible, immature, and crude, but i still find myself loving every minute of it. Personally Saints Row 2 is still my favorite in the whole series but i still find all the Saints Row games to be more fun than GTA games to me at least.


4. Resogun (PS4)resogun-1

What can i say about Resogun…..It’s awesome.
Resogun is to the PS4 Launch what Geometry Wars was to the Xbox360 Arcade, flashing lights, bright colors, awesome music, and of course explosions.
This is just an all around fun sidescrolling bullet-maze shooter. And best of all it is FREE for PS+ Members, so hurry up and redeem that free month that came with your PS4 and grab this game!


3. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD (WiiU)ku-xlarge

For both Zelda fans and WiiU owners this game is practically a must-have. With the still limited WiiU Library this title easily reaches the top of the list of great games. The game received a beautiful polish from the GameCube version and even got a few new things. The WiiU touchscreen controls are very nice and in some cases the motion controls can be a great help (not always though). This is one game that will tide me over for a little while until the WiiU can get some serious 1st Party games finished.

2. The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds (3DS) A-Link-Between-Worlds-Artwork-1

From the minute you turn this game on it screams nostalgia. The familiar intro, the iconic music, the gameplay you grew up with, and the world you know and love. It’s hard not to love this game if you were a fan of the classic Link To The Past on the SNES. I was initially a bit skeptical on how the “Painting Form” aspect would affect the gameplay, but after sitting down and playing it it feel like to belongs.

1. Ni No Kuni (PS3) ncninokuni33

As an avid RPG gamer and a lover of Miyazaki films this game was on my watch list from the moment it was announced and was one of the first things i got in line for at E3 when the playable demo was available. This entire was beautiful, the art, the world, the music, even the way Oliver jumps (which had no actual use in the game but it sure was fun). The game was shorter than i would have liked, and the world map was smaller than i had hoped for, but i gave me a renewed hope that amazing RPG games could still be made. Maybe someday we wont have to suffer through anymore terrible Final Fantasy sequels (i swear if Final Fantasy X-3 actually happens i will cry, and they won’t be tears of joy)


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