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EA Sends Out Settlement Checks

Last year Electronic Arts settled a lawsuit that alleged they had an illegal monopoly due to their exclusive contract with the NFL license. The lawsuit, which was filed in 2008, stated that EA killed off competing NFL video game series, which gave consumers to choice to but to buy the Madden series. Part of the settlement entitled customers to receive compensation if they bought a Madden game after 2005, which was when Electronic Arts signed an exclusivity deal with the NFL.

Well in the mail I received a check for $5.85. The amount you received depended on how many copies you bought and on which systems. It should be noted that you were not required to provided proof of your purchases. I am definitely not going to cashing this check. I’m going to end up keeping it as I find it somewhat humorous to have possession a $5.85 check from EAeacheck.

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