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E3 Impressions: Age of Wushu

During my stay in LA for E3 I was greeted by a booth occupied by Snail Games. Prior to the event I received an email regarding one of their games, Age of Wushu. For a quick run down, Age of Wushu is a skill based MMO with no RPG elements. As a young student of martial arts you must have your character travel across China learning the many different forms of martial arts to become a wushu master.

I would like to first talk about the skill based MMO part as that is both vague and oddly specific. Skill based refers to how good the player is (clearly). This MMO does not contain RPG elements like leveling up. saying the game is skill based means to be successful at this game, you must practice and master the wushu arts. For far too long have games with PvP become too heavily reliant on rewarding those who spend the most time grinding. Take League of Legends for example. While everyone starts off on the same level once someone gains a slight upperhand because they are a couple levels higher, everyone is left in the dust. It is unbalanced and later on, it requires almost no skill to beat someone.

Age of Wushu will change the way people play PvP in games. It requires skill to beat your opponent, not stat bonus. While leveling up gives people something to strive for, Age of Wushu has a different method to get players motivated. You can learn different styles of martial arts. From there, you do a variety of MMO style quests and fight other players.

A unique aspect of this game is that learning a new wushu style is not as easy as going to a school. While you can go to schools there are other methods you can obtain new ways to fight. Let us say, you have a fetch quest from an old man. It appears it is nothing more than a standard side quest. Upon completion you discover the old man is a wushu master and because you did him a favor, he teaches you something that there is no school for.

Yet another brilliant aspect of this game is the ability to make your own equipment. However, this is no half assed Elder Scrolls method of learning smithing and you can make armor. Armor has more than just tempered metal, it can have silk, leather and other materials. To fully make some of the armor you must learn a variety of different methods of crafting. This is somewhat similar to Maplestory’s crafting system. Not enough of games do this when they should.

There are 17 professions to learn so you may make your own armor. The economy and shopping system will be 100% player run as well. There are six different storylines to take, eight different martial arts schools and a random NPC encounter system to ensure that no two games unfold the same way. You can even keep your character active when you are offline. The game is going to be accessible for everyone and it will be able to be played from a PC running Windows 98.

When I played Age of Wushu I was very satisfied. A game that may unlock the secret to how PvP is played in both MMOs and just straight up PvP games like DOTA. Koku Gamer will keep you updated with any news regarding betas and releases.

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