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E3 2013 Impressions: Day 3

So the Final day of E3 was upon me and i had a booked schedule of appointments from open to close on this day. I had a few less developers and publishers i was able to see on this day but that was mostly due to the fact that most of my appointments were anywhere between 1-3 hours long but this afforded me some more extensive hands on with some of the playable titles.


I started out at the closed door early meeting for CD Projekt RED for a video and demo of The Witcher 3. Now i have not played the first 2 so i don’t have a comparison but i thought The Witcher 3 looked amazing. Just from the brief game play demo they showed it looked to be a lot of fun to play and i have been told by people who have played the previous entries that they improved on the controls from the and gotten rid of the  “mouse cursor” that you used in Witcher 2. Unfortunately there was no filming or hands on allowed so i don’t have much else to give you other than a glowing review on what i was visually shown, but stay tuned for more info as it becomes available.


After CDP i headed into the South Hall to head for my appointment with Bethesda who was showcasing 3 main games this year Elder Scrolls Online, Wolfenstein New Order, and The Evil Within. I briefly took a look at Elder Scrolls Online but as you probably know by now i’m not a PC gamer so other than “it looks cool” i really cant give you much of an opinion. After that was Wolfenstein New Order, now i never played the original but i’ll try to give you my honest opinion on this one. New Order seems to do a great job at keeping true to the original spirit. This game doesn’t regen your health or shields, you have to actually pick up its to do that and even the gun changing menus are a tribute to the classic style of the first game. I thought the game played great and although this wasn’t one of my top games of E3, i will be adding it to my list of games to keep an eye on. The Evil Within was the last game that Bethesda had for me and although this was not a playable demo it was a game play demo. This game looks amazing, It’s impossible to watch the demo and not think “this is what survival horror needs to look like”. The Evil Within has in fact made a spot on my Top of E3 list and i’ll be making sure to have this one on preorder. I wish i could have filmed this one to share with you guys but in the meantime you will have to settle for heading over to http://theevilwithin.com/ and taking a look at their disturbingly graphic teaser trailer.


So this is the part of my day that still pisses me off to this day, i headed over to Activision for my 12pm appointment arriving 10 minutes early for check-in, now when i went to check in the lady working the PR desk tells me that i am not on their list for appointments, i told her i was in fact scheduled for 12pm and had verified before hand but my phone had died since so i could not give her the name of the person i had confirmed with. I can only assume she pretended to look for me for the next 10 minutes before finally finding me in the system at 12:05 and then proceeded to tell me to head over to the Destiny video showing for my first appointment. I get to the Destiny check in and was promptly told i could not go in because i had missed my appointment and would need to go back to the front desk and get added to the next showing. I returned to the front desk and advised the woman working of the situation to which she replied “I can’t reschedule you, we are booked for the whole day” Now i’m a little irritated at this point because it was not even my fault i was late, i showed up early and she obviously had never learned to use a search function at any point in her life, but i let it go and asked what time i was scheduled for the Call of Duty Ghosts showing instead. I was advised i was on the 12:30 showing and should proceed to check in there next. I headed to the CoD check in and the young lady working there proceeded to tell me i was not on the 12:30 showing that is was listed for the 12pm showing instead.
This was the point that i lost it. It turns out that i was scheduled for all 3 events, Destiny, Call Of Duty Ghosts, and Skylanders, at the same time 12pm, and they were unwilling to correct their mistake and reschedule any of them at the front desk, now i apologized to the young lady working at the CoD check in as it wasn’t her fault and that’s when she told me that she would manually add me to the next showing at 12:30 and deal with it later. I want to thank that young lady for at least fixing what she could when everyone else around her was unwilling to do the same. I have to say that this was the most unprofessional experience i have ever had with a publisher at E3. I could see it being an issue if i had in fact shown up late but i had made a point of being early and was treated badly for it and was only able to see one of the three items i had appointments for.
As far as the video presentation for Call of Duty Ghosts was concerned i was not impressed, the story looks kinda cool but they spent most of the time showing up how they made the rocks pointer and how the Dog was a glorified RC car that barks and i kinda hope it dies.


So since i didn’t have the other showings with Activision i had some free time before my next appointment, i took a little walk over the the Dead Rising 3 showing to see what the next game in the series had in store. Dead Rising 3 takes place in a area much larger that either of the previous titles put together and with an online connection will make use of the cloud computing to render the environments in real time, essentially this game has no loading screens at all. Travel anywhere on the 3 islands in the game and you wont encounter any loading screens. A few new upgrades is the ability to make combination weapons anywhere, no more utility bench, which i kind of liked. The second update of notice was that once you pick up any weapon or clothing item you can always go back to your “home base” type area and get you will find that item in a storage locker, even if you picked it up and used it till it broke and dropped it, pretty much infinite of an item as long as you go back to home base and get another one, which i did not like, half the challenge of the last game was finding the items to make the combo weapons and this just feels to easy to me. The last item i took note of was the use of the Xbox smartglass app which allowed you to call in drone strikes and aerial assaults which are in fact needed to get past some of the ridiculous amounts of zombies blocking the roads. This game looks like a lot of fun but i’ll have to wait until i can justify buying an Xbox One, which at the moment i cant.


My last stop of E3 was at the booth of Square Enix. First up was Final Fantasy XIV, now this was all hands on and i pick up a PS3 controller and jumped in with the other 8 people in my group, we were all setup as different classes and since i don’t play games like this i just went for a straight physical attack class, or what i believed to be one, and we started the quest. The main part of this Demo was to defeat the summon Ifrit in the allowed time. Luckily we had a decent healer and tank so i didn’t drag the team down by running front and center and just wailing on him with every ability i had as soon as the cool-down expired. I cant say i knew exactly what i was doing but i had fun at least and using the PS3 controller really was not that hard to get the hang of. If it wasnt for the monthly fees i could see myself playing the PS3 version of FFXIV more often at home.
After FFXIV i tried out the Demo to FFXIII Lightning Returns, to be honest i lost interest in FFXIII about 3/4th of the way through the first one so i had no idea what was going on story-wise and the game play was only vaguely similar to what i remembered, it was almost like a blending of ATB ability recharge system meets Kingdom Hearts controls. IT seemed interesting and at least made me want to find out what i was missing between the first game and this one, maybe someday i’ll find out.
Next was a game play demo of Thief which was pretty much a First Person Stealth game. It looked like fun, i’ve been told there were previous games in the series, which i obviously have not played, but this game did strike my interest. I’ve always had a gaming soft-spot for stealth games, something about having to think your way through instead of just shooting an opening has always been more fun to me, and the game seemed to have a lot of puzzles and multiple paths to completing any objective which i also like. I’ll keep up to date on information on this game as it becomes known.
The last game i was able to take a look at was Murdered Soul Suspect where the hardest case to solve is your own murder. You take on the role of a “plays by his own rules” type of cop who gets killed by a mystery man while responding to a call on a case you have been working for months. You play through the game as a ghost, walking through walls, possessing people, helping other ghosts do ghost stuff like find their bodies or haunt people probably, maybe make pottery, i dont know. All i do know is that this game is on my list of Top of E3 as well, i enjoy the concept, the game play i saw look original and fresh, and i had to take notice that in this stale market of Zombie everything Ghosts seem to be making a comeback lately, and for that i am grateful. I’ll be making sure to keep up to date on this game as well.

So that was my third and final day of E3. I really hope you got an idea of what E3 is like and just as before if there is anything you want to know that i may not have covered in this article just ask!

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