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E3 2013 Impressions: Day 2

Day 2 was also another day where i had no appointments myself so i apologize for the lack of extensive coverage on varying titles as i had to stand in line once again to demo anything.


Starting out on day 2 we ran into some people demoing Moga mobile gaming controllers outside in from of the convention center, They gave us the chance to try playing a mobile zombie game called Dead trigger using 2 models of their controllers the Mobile and the Pro. I personally like the pro due to the analog sticks and the second triggers. The ability to charge the phone from the batteries in the controller was also a nice touch. If you do a lot of gaming on your phone you should look into these.

South Hall

After i got inside i started in the South Hall this time, making a dash to the Activision booth to take a look at the Skylanders Swap Force. I immediately got in line for about 2 hours for my chance to win a E3 edition Gold Hot Dog figure, luckily i did win on my first try so i didn’t have to get in line again at least. I have a weak spot for collecting Skylanders…. I CAN QUIT WHENEVER I WANT!


This game will test the limits of you wallet more than the previous entries as Swap Force appears to have more figures than the previous version and the price tags will stay the same.
The game itself looks like fun, it has new features such as being able to mix and match the Swap Force figures and the long awaited ability to jump. FINALLY! There was no actual hands on for it at this time so stay tuned for more info as it becomes available.

After Activision i learned AMD was giving away free PC processors so that was the next 2 hours of my life. Nothing to review here sadly, maybe once i build my new PC i’ll let you guys know how the processor works out, but until then i got nothing.

Next i headed over to Natsume to see what they had to offer this year…..Boring fishing game, Remake of Wii version of Rune Factory 2 now for PS3, 3DS version of River King, GBC version of Harvest Moon for 3DS, and several mobile titles. Nothing worth rushing to gamestop as far as i could tell, it was a little sad but not everyone can have a top shelf year at E3.


I made a few passes through EA’s booth at this point to take a look at Battlefield 4, Need for Speed Rivals, and my personal favorite Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare. I personally feel like Battlefield 4 is actually going to give the Call of Duty gamers a run for their money, as nice as CoD: Ghost looks i think Battlefield 4 has way more to offer at this point, the Commander Mode looks like tons of fun as well. Need for Speed Rivals looks awesome, i don’t much like racing games but i do like the seamless interaction between offline and online gameplay with the racers and the cops, this will be a game i’ll be keeping an eye on until i get a next gen console. Titanfall also look like an awesome game, I was not able to get hands on with this game either but all i can hope is that it doesn’t release as a broken game, with terrible controls or overpowered mechs and such, otherwise i’ll be keeping up with the development as much as possible. Now PvZ: Garden Warfare just looks like all around fun, if you havent seen the gameplay or trailers for it yet, take a look at them because this game just seems to get me excited to play it for some reason. PvZ: Garden Warfare is probably one of my top picks for Best of E3. I have to say this year was a great year for EA games at E3, but i’m sure they will find some way to retain their title of “Worst Company in America” for a 3rd year in a row.


I took a stroll through the Disney area to get a brief look at Disney Infinity, Now i have already invested too much time and money (mostly money) into Skylanders so this game is already on my “Do Not Buy” list just because i can’t afford a second game like this. Personal purchase preferences aside the game look like a fun game and if you have kids or cousins or something like that maybe you can play it with them or something, i don’t know. I tried not to get to invested in this game since i know i’ll never be able to afford it all and i guess it helps that the Disney characters are just not as appealing to me as the Skylanders ones.

By this point it was almost closing time for the days so i made a few brief rounds through the booths for the companies that make gaming accessories, for the most part it was a lot of the same things as usual, light up controllers, game cases, console skins, that kind of stuff, but nothing really exciting jumped out. There were a few accessories that i liked and you will probably see reviews on them in the future once they become available.

This concludes the events of Day 2 of E3, Stay tuned for Day 3 in which i was able to get a bit more done due to actually having appointments on that day.

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