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Dynasty Warriors 8 Extreme Legends Complete Edition Review

The Dynasty Warriors franchise is at it yet again with there latest installment in the form of Dynasty Warriors 8 Extreme Legends Complete Edition (What a Mouthful) for the Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita. This is the complete Dynasty Warriors 8 game along with the Extreme Legends expansion as the name suggests. The game sports an impressive 100 or so hours of game play making any fan of the franchise drool with excitement. And the Extreme Legends portion of it brings several new perks that were all rather enjoyable. Several new characters never before seen have been introduced, a new campaign was added, a new challenge mode has been thrown in for those hardcore fans, and to top it off a new Ultimate Difficulty with a few other odds and ends. dynasty-warriors-8-xtreme-legends-complete-edition-screenshots-dlc-10

So first off, I played this entry on the Vita. And was pleasently surprised at how well it handled on the hand held system. I only experienced a few frame rate issues here and there but nothing that caused any annoyance or problems to the game play itself. My first taste of the new game was jumping straight into the freshly minted campaign given to the well known character Lu Bu. Although shorter than the other campaigns it still sports plenty of missions all with there own story that kept me interested the entire way through. And Lu Bu as always is a blast to play as so no problems there. But at the same time the campaign made you feel as though you were building the legend of Lu Bu without making you invincible and it balanced out nicely. dw8 2

The move sets of all the characters have been dialed in exceptionally well, as I noticed hardly any repetition between them. Which is saying something as the character count is now above 80 with the few new introductions. Everyone felt like a unique experience while using them and only a couple of characters out of the ones I messed with felt….unfair. The move pool was easy to learn and use, quite frankly I havn’t had this much fun with a Dynasty Warriors game in a long time. The weapons are also upgradable through the weapon fusion system introduced although this did lead to some tedious grinding. And as always the weapons will have many different elemental characteristics for players to sort through and chose to customize your characters. dynasty

The new difficulty was….challenging to say the least. And I’ve got to say that it caters more towards the die hard fans of the series compared to the casual player. But alongside that is the new level cap of 150 which once again teases those hardcore players to push farther and boost there characters. Especially now that the leader boards have been thrown in you will have an excuse to dump even more time dominating the battlefields on every difficulty. The music is awesome as always with the series interesting mix of metal guitar riffs. The environments are also what we have all come accustomed to in the long running franchise so no complaints there either.


All in all as a long time fan of the Dynasty Warriors series I loved this game. It brought the whole package. With plenty of hours of game play, new features to sink your teeth into, a great soundtrack, and play ability for both hardcore fans and newcomers to the series alike its hard to dislike this game. I give Dynasty Warriors 8 Extreme Legends Complete Edition a 7.5 out of 10. Happy Gaming.


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