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Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires


It is that time of year again and Kei has released a new Dynasty Warriors title. Another spin off from the core franchise and in traditional fashion it is an empires title. Once a core title is released there are two spin off titles before the next installation of the core series. Dynasty Warriors 7 and Xtreme Legends have already passed even having a Vita game thrown in the mix using the DW7 engine. It has been a while since the last Dynasty Warriors Empires game the last being 6 Empires and quite honestly, I was hoping this new game could wash the bad taste out of my last from the last title. What made the last empires game suck was the terrible Ren-Bu system in which you level up your weapons. That of course has changed with the weapon swapping system in DW7.


The story of DW7E is not so cut and dry as the previous games. The scenarios return from other empires titles but the selection is pretty slim. You have about 5 scenarios to choose from which includes the Gathering of the Heroes scenario that is pretty much a Free-For-All scenario. The different scenarios depict different events that have happened during the Three Kingdoms era and they are of course highly stylized due to the fact this is a video game. There used to be more than just a few scenarios to choose from but this time around there seems to be a significant decrease. While the core gameplay is the same, the interaction between officers in the different scenarios is what made going through all them so fun in previous games.


1348938432_2864_1The gameplay plays just like a Dynasty Warriors title and it is Hack-and-Slash at its finest. Complete with musous and combos. It uses the DW7 engine with an enhanced upgrade. The number of enemies that appear on screen are significantly higher than other Dynasty Warriors games. While this is rather common for empires games the amount seems bigger even for this spin off series. This is a welcome addition I do not want to go away in future installments for both core and spin off DW titles. The stratagem system allows you to issue buffs and debuffs to your army and enemy army respectively. Some allow you to turn bases into catapult bases that pelt the enemy main base with rocks to decrease the enemy count, or you can run into a base and set it on fire to make it easier to capture. The variety is fantastic and each stratagem you use will turn the tide of battle.


With a variety of fame stats you must increase to increase the size of your nation, efficiency of your troops, the amount of resources you receive, and what officers you can recruit. These are Affluent, Brave, Kind, Wise, Orderly and Evil. These will rise and lower depending on your actions. When playing empire mode you will have to option to take control as an established officer like Cao Cao and Liu Bei, or you can use your own created character with the expanded character edit option. There is also Co-Op and you can choose to play online on a whim when you start a battle.


nobnyaga011_thumbThere are of course weapons and items galore you can buy but it can be really easy to get the best weapons for your weapon style due to the accessibility of resources. The same goes for the stat increasing items you can purchase. While the game is oddly difficult on normal, when playing on easy the game gets too easy. It is very simple to become a god. By the end of my first empire scenario as a marshal my health never went below the green bar.


New additions include redesigned maps, new characters, and old weapons. Cao Ren gets his shield spike thing instead of the flail etc. These were originally DLC but now are a staple in the game. The advertised new character for Shu is Xu Shu and he was originally a standard officer with nothing special. He wields the new weapon Sword and Knife. Everything from previous empires titles like promotions and marriages are still around in the game. There are also additional endings depending on your highest fame rating when you conquer China.


The strategy of the game feels a lot better than 6 Empires and the visuals are quite nice. Even with the increase in soldiers on the field the game hardly suffers from FPS drops. It is a download only title for NA most likely due to not having English voice overs. The character edit has a lot more variety and the game is a welcome addition to the Dynasty Warriors franchise. The game does feel rather small compared to other Empires games but what can you do right? I give Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires an 8.75/10. Pick it up on PSN now.

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