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Dragon’s Dogma Review

Plot: You are a poor man/woman that lives in a finishing village and from nowhere your unsuspecting village gets raided and attacked by a dragon. Being the only one with a back bone in your town you try to battle the mighty creature with nothing but a stick and you are promptly defeated. Upon beating you the dragon mumbles some gibberish and put one of his claws over your chest and magically extracts your heat and then eating it. Somehow you’re not dead and that large open wound where your heart came from heals and turns into a scar. You then revive as what is called an Arisen a hero who is destined to kill the dragon because why not and you get these awesome servants called pawns to help you in the quest to get your heart back and exact revenge upon the fire breathing hell beast.


Graphics:  Ok to be honest this game seems like it had two teams working on the graphics because for some reason the monsters in this game are fantastic and come off as these great mythical beast that look so life like you could mistake them from real animals, but the humans on the other hand humans need a lot of polishing, their mouths move awkwardly a lot of them seem like they were just stitched together like Dr. Frankenstein’s monster, your character being the only exception to this. The great scenery is amazing and the forest look exactly like the great outdoors which is as close as I will get to outside. Everything about the landscapes is beautiful and masterfully detailed; display all of the appropriate colors to fit each field


Sound: This is possibly my biggest complaint with the game. While the soundtrack is good and always fits the mood from fighting a hydra to taking a stroll in the forest, I was astounded by the musical performance by the game itself. However, when NPC’s talk there is a monstrous lip synch delay when I say monstrous I mean sound comes after the lips have already mouthed out the words making it difficult for me as a player to take the time and listen to what an NPC says like I normally do. Voice acting could have been a lot better, from what I heard before I got irritated at the lip synch every person I talked to seemed to have no soul and was bland and tasteless making them really forgettable


Creatures: As I’ve mentioned earlier in my review the monsters are fierce and magical, this is quite possibly the first time sense playing Shadow of the Colossus that I’ve been over joyed to see and mythical scale beast I can leap and climb on. Like Shadow of the Colossus there is a grab function where you can climb on top of the creature your fighting if it’s large enough and stab into it or whatever weapon of your choice. If it’s a Chimera you better be prepared to go for a ride as it will not just sit still and let you kill it, if your grab a flying beast like a Griffin or the dragon you will come back with frequent flyer miles. Also if you kill them in the air you might end up as some pasty goo on the forest floor as there is fall damage


Lasting Appeal: Dragon’s Dogma is Shadow of the Colossus meets Dark Souls in which there are epic boss encounters like in SoC but it doesn’t have the isolated feeling because there are tons of normal sized mobs just waiting for you to slip up and just like in Dark Souls you will die….a lot and keep you coming back a lot. Oh and here’s a pro tip: Do Not Go Out At Night, It’s a Jungle Out There!!!


Reviewers Thoughts: To be honest with you when this game’s demo was out I was so sure it was going to be an all-around terrible game but for some reason I still went out and bought it and I I’ve learned not to judge so soon because despite my complaining  in this review the game is amazing.


Overall: With my only complaint being the NPC’s models and the lip synching needing a serious rework if you avoid them and only talk to them when you have to this game is enjoyable and I think anyone would love to own it



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