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Don’t Starve: Preview (In Beta)


Klei Entertainment, creators of the highly popular Mark of the Ninja game, brings us Don’t Starve, a wilderness survival, indie game where you play as Wilson, “an intrepid Gentleman Scientist who has been trapped by a demon and transported to a mysterious wilderness world”.

Upon creating a new game, your world is randomly generated much like that of Minecraft. The whole point of Don’t Starve is to survive off the land and whatever it provides you. You can create an axe to chop wood or kill a few spiders or a shovel to dig up resources and set them somewhere else. In order to create more stuff such as a hammer or a chest to store your items, players have to gain research by breaking down items they don’t need with their “Science Machine” that they can acquire early on. Don’t Starve has a day and night system as well, generally enemies are more active during the night, and passive mobs such as birds and rabbits are active during the day. In order to venture out into the night, players need some form of light, which is generally provided by torches. Should a player not have a source of light on them when the darkness sets in, they will be attacked by an unknown monster and most likely die within a few moments. The can be played entirely with your mouse, but movement may also be done with WASD.

Although the story is based around the character Wilson, there are a few other unlockable characters that you can acquire by gaining experience each time you die. The developers say each of these characters have their own special traits, but I haven’t unlocked any others as of yet to see the difference.

It’s obvious that the developers didn’t put a half-assed effort into making this game. The overall atmosphere to Don’t Starve is unique and art style only compliments it. The comedy in the game is whimsical and sets the mood at a good tone. I found it extremely funny when I read the text “Take that nature!” after examining the stump of a tree I just cut and when I attack a mob, it never gets old to see the text “I will destroy you!”.

Anybody looking for a new game to spend their free time on will be satisfied with Don’t Starve. Don’t Starve is original and sets the tone for future games of its kind. The fact that this game could possibly go under the radar is chocking for what it has to offer. Although the game is only it Beta, it’s still a great experience and I’m looking forward to its full release.

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