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Do Not Fall Review


Do Not Fall is a downloadable platformer coming from XPEC Entertainment. As the title states, your objective is to simply not fall into the never ending ground and make it through the many levels the game has to offer. Do Not Fall offers a world skinned with colorful environments from the varies stages present in the game. While the game is definitely not short on the amount of content, you may find yourself in a bit of a grind.

Do Not Fall is a 3D platformer with straightforward gameplay that consist of making your way through endless amount of crumbling levels. Your character can jump, run-and-jump, and breakthrough obstacles in the game. The main feature in every level are the disappearing crumbling stepping stones. The majority of the ground in each level will disappear, leaving a vulnerability caused by your character stepping on it. Because of this, you must constantly be moving towards your objective. The stepping stones do re-spawn, which leaves you with the ability to strategically create pathways from previously stepped on stones. The enemies in the game can get pretty annoying. They pretty much have to be avoided as you cannot confront them directly. For example there is “rolling red spike ball” in the game, which cannot be attacked. A good strategy to get rid of them is by having them fall into the world by activating the stepping stones on purpose. It can get a little frustrating at times when an enemy hits you without the ability to hit back, only leaving option to use the environment against it.

Besides simply completing the levels, the game has its fair share of side quests and stat tracking, giving you plenty of information to compare your play. The main objective in the game is to collect a certain amount of keys in order to complete a level. But the game also has certain challenges, like killing a certain amount of enemies in each level. There are also screw and bolts than can be collected. You’re actually required to do more than just make it through a level to advance in the game.2401109-donotfall_5

Quite a bit of effort was put on the look of the environment. Each stage has a different theme, with colorful characters and textures. But a lot of it is for cosmetic purposes only. I was hoping that the drastic visual differences from one stage would have impacts in the gameplay, but I soon realized the much of the environments are merely re-skinned.

For what it is, I enjoyed making my way through Do Not Fall. But my experience with the game soon plateaued. There are plenty of levels in Do Not Fall, more than I can handle. I started off appreciating and having a bit of excitement making my way through the game and solving the nice little obstacles, but it soon began to feel like a grind. The levels lacked variety. A lot them didn’t really stick out and were indistinguishable from each-other. Do Not Fall can defiantly entertain you for a good amount of time, but it soon become a repetitive struggle, with trial-and-error being required to complete many stages.

Final Score:6/10

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