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DmC: Devil May Cry Review

DMC Devil May Cry is easily one of the biggest surprises for me in recent years. As a hardcore fan of the original series I was adamantly against any kind of drastic change to the beloved series much less was I going to tolerate a reboot. And not only was this a reboot, but it was from Ninja Theory, and after playing Heavenly Sword I didn’t have high hopes for that studio. Dante lost his recognizable white hair, his outfit was drastically different, and the game was inevitably westernized in what appeared to be a horrible outcome. But DMC was exactly the opposite of what I was expecting in every way. I can honestly say I’ve never been so glad to be so wrong on my original assumption of a game before playing it.

Dante and Virgil

So first off, this game does an excellent job of letting gamers new to the series jump right in without the difficulty its predecessors were known for on its standard difficulty. This along with very helpful tutorials littered throughout the game that do a great job assisting the player without being to overbearing or annoying were a welcome addition. Having said that, the game still has 7 difficulty levels in all and the higher ones become a challenge to say the least and left me with a little nostalgia from past entries of the famous franchise. All in all newbie’s and hardcore fans will both have plenty to grab onto and enjoy for challenges.

 Dante Demonic Fists

The story is rather fitting being more of an origin story for Dante as he teams up with his twin brother Virgil to defeat the demon king Mundus. Mundus takes the form of a human in order to try and subtly control mankind through debt, drugs, and media. One major difference in the reboot from the original game is that Dante and Virgil are now Nephilim (half demon half angel) rather than half human and half demon. The story doesn’t have much of plot twists up until the final few chapters, but it still does a decent job of getting the player attached to certain characters in odd ways that make you want to see what happens next.

Devil Trigger

Where Devil May Cry has always shined though, is clearly its combat system. DMC does not fail to surpass expectations for the crazy and innovative combat we’ve come to know and love. Dante still has his trusty sword Rebellion and his standard twin pistols Ebony and Ivory. But in addition he’ll have access to 2 additional demonic weapons and 2 angelic weapons with a few firearms thrown into the mix. Angelic weapons are faster and make Dante more agile, while Demonic weapons are slower but far more powerful. The glorious thing about these new armaments is that you can switch between them by simply tapping your bumpers on the controller giving players the ability to toggle between upwards of 5 weapons in a single combo within seconds. And as always the infamous Devil Trigger mode is present, giving the player a temporary power boost and slowing down enemies that really helps in tight binds.

Dante and Demons

The art style really stands out this time around with a much more abstract feel than the older games. As most of the action takes place in a realm called Limbo, where the real world is greatly distorted and allows demons to hide, players will find some of the stages to be a little disconcerting at first. But the further you go the more you’ll come to really enjoy the depth and plain insanity of the environment and stages throughout. DMC also sports a great soundtrack that really gets the player in the mood for the fast paced aggressive fights all the way through the game. Combichrist is the main contributing artist giving the game a dark feeling….but in a good way.

Dante and Demons 2

So really, I have very little I was disappointed with in the end. My time with DMC Devil May Cry was pleasantly surprising, and I have already started working my way through some of the higher difficulties. With the game still feeling distinctly like a classic Devil May Cry experience, new story and characters, an impressive art style and soundtrack, and the very entertaining combat throughout I would recommend any fan of the action plat former genre to give this game a shot and strongly suggest fans of the series give it a fair try as well. 7.5 Out of 10

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