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DLC Quest Review


DLC Quest is a delightful platformer about the perils of Downloadable Content rapidly growing in the gaming industry. Why complete your game when you can utilize DLC and make people pay for the full experience again and again! Disclaimer: You will not have to purchase DLC for this game with real currency; all is purchased with in-game currency. This game is simple and to the point. Not to mention hilarious.

You must save the princess from the antagonist and there is no time to lose! However, you will need all the DLC to get to the princess. The satire in this game is awesomely clever and it rivals the natural humor of other games like Eat Lead.

You start the game with no sound and no animations until you collect coins to get the DLC for them. And that is the running theme of the game. Everything you do has to be unlocked with DLC. This includes extra areas, weapons, and even a sexy outfit pack. The game is very simple and the purpose seems to just be to poke fun at game developers that release a lot of pointless DLC.

The game is very funny and fun to play. There are two campaigns to go through and the “Expansion” is bigger than the core game. Run, jump, shoot, and collect coins to unlock all the DLC in the game. The graphical style is a clever and quaint 8-Bit style with cheery music to compliment the game.

With that said, there is not much to the game in terms of content. After you collect all the coins and the DLC there isn’t much to do. For what you are paying, you get enough of a video game. I give DLC Quest a 9/10. The gameplay mixed with the satirical humor is something that every gamer should experience. Hell, maybe some developers will learn their lesson from the game as well.

DLC Quest is also available on the Xbox Live Arcade Indie Marketplace.

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