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Hybrid Month: Disgaea: Hour of Darkness Review

Disgaea is a JRPG game created by ATLUS. Warning to those that are wanting to play this game, you will be playing for a very many hours once you get the hang of the game. Disgaea’s story alone is a masterpiece in my eyes, It has just the right amount of comedic humor but has a borderline tearful seriousness that will leave a deep seeded since of love and  an unquenchable yearning  to play more and more once the ending credits gets finished scrolling across your screen.

Disgaea runs like any other RPG game except with a neat little twist. Instead of only having about 5-6 people in your party and just getting to use 3-4 people at a time (never quite understood that) Disgaea does have it’s main characters that you can play with. But the thing that makes this game one of a kind is the fact that you can name create and play with a very large variety of different characters. So say you only like mages. Just create an all out mage army. Also instead of only being able to play with 3-4 characters at a time you get to play with 10, yes you heard correctly you get to have 10 different characters out at one given time. One of the other things about Disgaea is the fact that. Say you see an enemy that you really like and you want him all to yourself. Well in Disgaea you’re able to pick up said enemies and throw them around the field thus allowing you to move obstacles out of your way for a given time. But if you want that enemy for yourself you’re able to pick them up and throw them into your base panel. Depending on the level and how many people you still have yet to pull out will depend on whether or not you capture your enemy thus allowing you to play with them in the next oncoming fight.

Disgaea’s map system works on a giant scaled board like level, different characters depending on the items that they are holding can move so many squares at one given time and still attack. That or you can spend your entire turn moving so you can move just a little bit further. Throughout some of the level’s you’ll come across little spheres, they are called “Geo Spheres” and will either benefit you or damn you depending on what the geo sphere does. Some Geo spheres will give you double exp while some others may make monsters you face deal double damage or unable to be hit. Throughout all the different worlds and levels that you’ll traverse you’ll encounter a very large range of enemies so remember always to be prepared by taking healing potions and if you’re an aggressive/angry player make sure your controller and or walls are well padded. I say this for the fact that there are some levels that get, well they get pretty difficult.

Say you’re just cruising through the game and you come to this unbelievably difficult level to pass and your sitting there thinking to yourself. “Man do I wish my weapons were stronger so I could do more damage” Well today is your lucky day because there is this world called ITEM WORLD which allows you and your handy dandy team to go inside the item you wish to level up. (Be warned that if you want to level up one of your main items make sure you have another item to replace it because you cant take an item into itself). Anyways while inside your item there are 100 different levels to this dungeon and word to the wise the levels get progressively more difficult the farther you go inside an item. But the further and further you go inside an item the better the item will be. So you must always go deeper!

Have you ever wanted to be your own boss and throw out rules of your own. Well thanks to the brilliant minds of Atlas you can. Well not really but let me explain more before I get ahead of myself. There is this meeding called the Dark Assembly that you can go to and ask favors. Favors like “I want way more exp for fights” or “I want my enemies to be just a little bit easier or if your really pro “I want my enemies to be freakishly tough” You go to the Dark assembly and they will either vote nay or yay. This is almost a game in on itself because you can go to the most influential member and bribe individual committee members with items that you have in your inventory to raise the chance of them saying yes to your request. With them on board raises the chances of saying yes because come on everyone wants to be on that band wagon. But if the majority of the committee claims no you have a chance to “Overrule” the committee which is fun because if you’re strong enough you can kill them thus turning your proposition into an approved. But be warned the Dark Assembly is not to be trifled with, they are very powerful demons and earned there claim on the Dark Assembly by being powerful. Disobey at your own risk.

But yea if you’ve ever wanted to be a Demon Prince bent on beating up competitors that are trying to take your throne all because your father ended up dying by choking on a sweet roll while you were in your room taking a 2 year long nap, well then Disgaea is just the game for you because everything that you have just read, is what really happens in the game.  But the game revolves around this demon prince that goes by the name of Laharl who is rudely awoken by his trusty and ever “faithful” vassal Etna who proceeds to shoot him with lazor guns stab him with drills blow him up with rockets and many more off the wall loud explosive type things. When Laharl finally comes to the news about his father who is the King of the Demons was found dead. Apparently he choked on a sweet roll and died. Since he’s been asleep all of this time and with noone to take the throne do to his little nap demons from all over and trying to take the throne and become lord of everything. So Laharl takes it upon himself to personally visit all of these demons and handle the matter himself. Many different characters enter this wild story plot like a Angel in training Flonne who is sent to assassinate Laharls father, completely being unaware that Laharls dad died several years previously.

Like I said previously about Disgaea: Hour of Darkness it has a very stable story. The music goes so well with the story that you feel yourself compelled to keep playing regardless of the hour of the day. I hope that if my review made you want to play the game and you go out and buy it, that you’ll fall in love with the story as much as I did when I was playing it.  All in all Disgaea was a huge part of my child hood and I would have to give the game a 10 out of 10.

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