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Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited – PS Vita Review

Have you ever heard of a Vampire who doesn’t drink blood? How about thats because of a promise he made to a special someone and therefore has replaced the blood in his diet with sardines? And that he now lives in Hades as an instructor for souls that have been turned into plush penguins known as prinnies. That is the setting you immerse yourself into when jumping into the newest entry of the lovable and hilarious SRPG series Disgaea. A promise revisited is a port to the Playstation Vita system and is one of the largest if not the biggest installments of the long running franchise. Containing all of the DLC content from its predecessor on the PS3 as well as newly added content, gamers can sink well over 100 hours of game play without breaking a sweat.D4 2

You play as the Vampire Lord Valvatorez as he and his butler of sorts (who is a werewolf) embark on an epic quest to save a group of Prinnies from being exterminated, and for the sake of giving them a sardine that you promised them. The comedic element of the Disgaea series is strong right from the get go and is easily one of the games best qualities. The voice acting is over the top and cheesy but in a good way, and the characters are diverse and all have amazing personalities that make them unique and likable throughout. The environments are colorful without being annoying and the game looks beautiful on the Vita. And as if to further emphasize its ridiculousness the game has a level cap of 9999, ensuring that hardcore gamers will be busy for awhile.

The essentials of the game remain mostly unchanged from the original, A Promise Unforgotten. Your combat system is the traditional grid based strategy role playing game style that the series has helped make hugely popular. You can customize and upgrade your party with weapons, armors, accesories, special abilities known as Evilitys, and even change there color coded appearance. There is a sort of side quest area known as the item world (which fans of the series will know and recognize immediately) where you can grind to level up specific items and make them more powerful in addition to your normal story mode quests. You have the ability to replay any stage as many times as your heart desires allowing you to grind efficiently and test new characters out without the fear of being wiped out right away.D4 4

NetherBattle, is an online mode where you will be able to customize a pirate ship and party to take on content created by other players and also participate in character invasions. Although fun this mode did lose its luster compared to the rest of the game rather early on but obviously as time passes more user content will be available which gives gamers more challenges.

Overall A Promise Revisited has blown away my expectations and has cemented itself as one of the best entries into the Disgaea series. It is a huge SRPG game that hardcore fans and newcomers alike can dive into with no problems and enjoy its wackiness. The game has plenty of humor, ridiculous amount of content and replayability, lovable characters and a beautiful environment and soundtrack. I would recommend any fan of strategy RPG’s and the classic grid style system to pick this up whether your familiar with the series or not. I give Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisted a 9/10.

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