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Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention Review

This is a guest review of Disgaea 3 Absence of Detention for the PlayStation Vita. Even though it says I am posting it, all credit goes to “NoxxHollow”. You may notice it is also a different format. Variety is nice people. Enjoy the review.


Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention is the Vita exclusive remake of the PS3 title, Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice. In both games, the story follows Mao the Overlords son and the Netherworld Institute of evil (or just Evil Academy) which is a school that is always expanding and presumably takes up the entire netherworld where the dean is the Overlord. In this bizarre school, students are expected to skip class, slack off and just be generally lazy those who do are labeled as ‘Honor Students’ and those who are diligent in their studies, go to class on time, and don’t run in the hallways are labeled ‘Delinquents. Mao is the #1 honor student freshmen at evil academy and as such has never attended class a single class but suddenly decides he needs the powers of a hero in order to defeat his dad the overlord; he comes to this conclusion when it is show he has spent 4 million hours in super hero comics, video games and other such this, he calls research materials. Along the way, he meets a girl named Raspberyl, who happens to be his childhood friend and the number 1 delinquent, or as she calls it ‘bad ass’ at Evil academy and Almaz Von Almadine Adamant, the self-proclaimed hero of justice after Mao steals his title [Hero] and swaps it for a demon title; Mao discovers the [Hero] title is fake, and the demon title according to Mao will turn the Fake hero into a demon forever in approximately 666 hours and so the two embark on a hilarious journey to get there original titles back along the way they discover the meaning of friends and what it truly means to be a Hero.


Disgaea games have always had an amazing amount of customization, and Disgaea 3 never fails to impress. Each character you obtain has all have a separate weapon and three accessory slots, which may not sound like much but each equitable item in the game affects the character’s HP, SP, Atk, Def, Int, Res, Hit, Spd, MV, and Jump values, which will in turn affect how that character behaves in battle. In this tactical JRPG, battles are fought on an isometric field (much like Q*bert from 1982) that are all unique and have different characteristics and effects. You must use your wits and the many strategies you formulate, or you will most likely loose (As Professor Kokonoe once said, “You can’t go all balls to the wall”). Combat flows together perfectly having each character specialized in something there best at and team attacks are recommended to get through each level, although there may be some times when you have to literally let a character be killed to win but I hear taking one for the team is also a valuable course of action.


“There’s a little bad in the best of us, a little good in the worst of us and a little freak in all of us,” this statement couldn’t be any truer as there is something in this game has something for everyone. Every character has a unique characteristic and traits that define who they are. I’m a big fan of NIS America but Disgaea 3 holds a special place to me as my all-time favorite character is in it; the funny part about it is that she’s a very minor character in the story that comes into play late close to end game. Any player will find something special out of the characters in this mixed bag of crazy.


The music in this game is very enjoyable and fits the mood. Main and special character have their own themes and back ground each stage has a sound track for it also. I encourage everyone to pick up the sound track as it is well worth it and pays for itself in one song, and you still have 20+ more to go! Enough of music, for once the voice actors for a JRPG fit (thank God! each characters voice matches perfectly some more than others but from the main character Mao, who is played by Vic Mignogna (Bleach- Ikkaku Madarame) to Kyoko (Lara Jill Miller, Digimon – Kari) you’ll love every actor and the hard work they all put into developing their characters.

Nit Picks

Since the game is played on a three dimensional isometric field a lot of the times forced perception will often times cause a player to make the wrong decision because you thought the enemy was one space to the right when he was really two.

The R2 and L2 buttons on the Ps3 controllers are replaced on the vita with the touch sensitive pad at the back and these two buttons control the zoom function on the map and rapidly switching between characters’, this is all fine but the touch pad is extremely sensitive and may cause you to zoom completely out or swap to a another character by accident, it isn’t a deal breaker, it’s just a very small annoyance.

Final thoughts plus score

This game is technically a port/update and in my own option it does its job at doing so and it does it incredibly well. Characters are hilarious and highly relatable (some more than others), the story is simple but effective as with every Disgaea game NIS has released. Picking up this game when it comes out April 17th is extremely recommended as you will get your moneys worth. I give this game a 10/10

-Noxx Hollow

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