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Video Power Review

I decided to review something from my childhood. It is Retro, and it does have to do with games. Now, I’m not sure if anyone remembers this show, or if it even aired in your town/country. I’m talking about Video Power.

Hellz Yeah!

Yeah! The game show that was all about video gaming. Hosted by a self-proclaimed Game Guru named “Johnny Arcade”, portrayed by a guy named Stivi Paskoski. Originally, Paskoski’s character, Johnny Arcade was featured in in-between live action sequences in the animated video game show, “The Power Team”. He would do a quick review or preview for games coming out or games already out, and it would typically last around 5 to 7 minutes, then shoot back to the cartoon. What a great advertising gig, right?

Geez, look at that hair!

Anyway, because his reviews/previews landed video game companies awesome sales, Saban Entertainment’s executive producers, Shuki Levy and Haim Saban(That’s right kids, that guys that made Power Rangers in America possible!), decided to give Mr.Arcade his own show. Thus, Video Power was spawned!

The game show featured 3 different rounds…

The first was called “Put Johnny On The Spot”. This was the only round in the show that the contestants didn’t compete in. Terry Rotok, the show’s co-host, would go into the audience and select four kids to ask a game-related question in order to “stump” Johnny. If Johnny was unable to answer the question, the kid that stumped him would get a random prize from the Prize Round area. More on that later. It’s funny…in all the episodes I’ve watched, I have only ever seen Johnny get stumped…maybe twice. I’ll give the guy credit…he knows his stuff. Hell, if it were me on that show, I would have stumped his ass with a question. For example: “What is the password in Metroid on NES that gives you unlimited missiles and energy?” Well, a lot of people don’t know this, but the password is NARPAS SW0RD and not JUSTIN BAILEY.

Anyway, the kid stumps him and he/she gets a prize. Usually, it some dumb-ass looking controller with a supposed value of like, 3 bucks. Cheap douche…

Okay, so the next round that happens is the Game Playing Round. The four kids that Terry selected go on stage, and play a pre-selected NES game for…usually around 2 and a half minutes. The round’s scoring method was dependent on the type of game that was played. Usually, it was like, “How many items you collected” or if it was a sports game, then like “How many touchdowns/bases/baskets you got”. If by some divine means there is a tie, then Johnny would select the winner based on how far in the stage the person got.

So, after 2 contestants out of 4 received a pat on the ass, and got booted off-stage for their failure to perform a basic human function(Games, lol!), the next round of the show began. This round was the Quiz Round!

Ooh…yeah…quizzes. Okay, I can understand for most kids at that age that most of these questions would be kind of difficult. Hell, if I could go back in time with the knowledge I have now…Not only would I be freakin’ rich, but I could easily drop-kick that round back to the 8th Level of Hell.

Mr. Arcade after doing a line of coke.

Now, a majority of the questions were music-related. But what kid, let alone a kid with ADD, is going to give two craps about the music from the game he/she plays for pure enjoyment? Seriously…do people ever factor shit like this in?! Anyway, they’d get points for correct answers represented by inanimate objects(i.e. Pizza, Mushroom and a Star) that the contestants would stick to their Power Vest or Power Helmet…which happened to be  layered with goddamn Velcro. Geez…could the outfits be any more ridiculous? I mean sure, Nick Arcade’s outfit were dumb, but these were plain retarded. But, there is a reason for all the Velcro, which I will get to soon. Anyway, after the questions, both contestants play yet another NES game, in which case a victor is determined and the loser is evicted from the show.

The last round was called the Prize Round…lame. The finalist had to run through something I like to call, “The Blockbuster from Hell!”. It was a huge, fucking maze! No joke! Oh, and to make it even more hellish, you had 41  seconds to make it through this nonsense!I shit you not! I actually counted 41 seconds on 5 separate occasions! Now, remember me telling you about those shitty Velcro outfits? Yeah, this is where their supposed usefulness come into play. As you are hauling balls through this(Gods forbid the kid is overweight or something), you have to grab as many games and accessories off the shelf and stick them to your Power Vest and Helmet. Now, I’m not sure if you remember well, but packaged NES games weren’t exactly light. Seeing as how Nintendo just HAD to stuff it with coupons, advertisements, 2 or 3 books and the game itself, I would imagine they wouldn’t stay stuck to the Velcro for long. Especially, since you have to fucking RUN!!

So, anyway, you’d grab as much shit as you can, make you way to the top of a set of stairs, and slide down a  tunnel-slide. Occasionally, you could grab a backpack overstuffed with games and accessories that was usually placed right in front of the top-entrance to the tunnel-slide. But, depending on how much time you have, are you really gonna care? Now, sometimes before you start your run, Johnny would tell the contestant about a “Secret Game” hidden somewhere on one of the shelves. If by the grace of the Gods you find it and complete your run with it, you were rewarded with a bonus prize. Usually, it was either a Neo-Geo or a Turbo Grafix-16…both of which were discontinued early. Once again…cheap bastardos.

Overall, it was a pretty decent game show. However, one thing about that show continues to bug me to this day. Why the hell were there no minorities on the show? Every time the show came on, it was always a bunch of rich, suburbanite, Republican-ass white kids! Now, I’m white myself, but I am a firm believer in Equality among races and this show didn’t have it.

Diveristy in this show is like playing "Where's Waldo?".

Maybe there were other people on the show…I don’t know, I missed a few when I got grounded for a month. Nonetheless, the show was a hit among gamers…it’s just too bad it got killed before it could evolve into something grand!!

Until next episode…

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