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U.N. Squadron Review

Recently, I was picking around one of my favorite video game stores that still sells SNES, NES, and other retro games and I bought 2 items that caught my eye. Out of the two, only one of them was worth blogging about. That game…is U.N. Squadron!

Oh yeah! Originally released in Japan under the title Area 88, U.N. Squadron got ported to the SNES sometime in 1991. Come to find out, it was directly based off of the manga with the same name, story and characters. The game is a 2D side-scroller, that has been heavily modified from the original. The music has been changed, and the “lives” system has been upgraded to 3 base lives, and 3 continues. But, you can earn extra lives and continues whilst you play. THANKS CAPCOM!! Hopefully, Konami takes a memo…stingy bastards….

Anyway, you choose from 3 different characters: Shin Kazama, Mickey Simon, and Greg Gates. Each pilot has specific quirks to using them. Shin can increase the power of his planes’ gun much faster than the other two. Mickey gets more ammo from pick-ups for the special weapons in the game. Greg recovers HELLA faster when some douchebag enemy actually manages to hit you. Most of the time, I go with Greg just for that extra edge while playing. Eventually, I’ll try out the other two.

3 Selectable Characters, each with their own unique ability.

Now, aside from your default “Vulcan Cannon” on your plane, you have access to 11 different special weapons that you can purchase before a level. That’s right, kids. You have to purchase things in this game…including other planes. However, money isn’t hard to get. Just blow shit up! Everything you destroy gives you cash! Clearing the level gets you cash, blowing up enemy fighters give you cash. Hell, even left-over special weapons that you didn’t use get refunded back to you at the end of the level! Now, that’s freakin’ sweet!

Bosses in this game are GINORMUS!

The weapons themselves vary from normal Bombs, to a sick-ass Mega Crush, which destroys every lesser enemy on the screen and it rapes(That’s right, I said “rape”.) bosses like crazy. However, depending on the type of plane you choose, depends on what special weapon you are able to purchase.Overall, this game is amazing. It’s a definite buy, and a valuable item to any SNES collection. So, go get it!!

Until next episode…

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