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Diablo 3 Review

Diablo 3 is a title from Blizzard Entertainment is the third game in the Diablo series. Since Diablo 2’s release it has been roughly twelve years. fans could not wait to get their hands on the game. Some fans were so excited they decided to beat the game within five hours. The shocking aspect of this is not that these Koreans beat the final boss at just under five hours. It is the fact they were able to be online for five hours without getting an error message. Despite have a rocky start with Error 47 and similar errors the game is a smash hit. Here is the review from guest writer Noxx.

Presentation: Your character or the ‘Nephalem’ arrives in Tristram to investigate a fallen star that seems to have raised the dead along with the dreadful skeleton king. Along the way you meet Leah who wants you to save her uncle Deckard Cain from the clutches of the skeleton king. Upon being the Skeleton king (Again), and you go to investigate the fallen star fully prepared to kill whatever evil may fester within its depths but in the center of the crater you find a stranger who seems to have lost his memory the only thing he has is the memory of him falling and a sword that’s been split into three separate parts. The demon Maghda captures them along with Cain, attempting to force him to repair the sword for herself. However, the Nephalem forces Maghda to flee and she kidnaps the stranger instead. Cain, dying from Maghda’s torture, uses the last of his strength to repair the sword and instructs the Nephalem to return it to the stranger. The stranger is reviled to be Tyrael the fallen angel who chose to become a mortal and now you must set out to destroy the prime evils.

Graphics: Although graphics aren’t my real concern but I must admit, Diablo 3 is real improvement over the second and first games. Bringing wonderful polished environments to the table that are finely detailed and it looks simply beautiful and pleasing to the eye; for example during act 3 when you and your ban of misfits travel to Bastion’s Keep while the demons are assaulting the castle walls. Times when you go out on top of the Keep and thick fog below often times completely covering the awful happenings below but as this is a war things keep moving and every so often you can see the fog being blown away because of the demon’s ballistae you can clearly see the masses of demons running around below fighting the humans. Nothing makes you feel more insignificant and powerless than seeing the millions of demons outnumbering your forces.

Sound: The soundtrack of Diablo 3 is amazing as to be expected. Hearing the music of the wonderful game honestly gets you in the mood to actually fight which is just perfect for fighting demons. If you can I suggest you to buy the official soundtrack of this game or torrent it. Other than the Soundtrack the action sounds of the demon hunter’s crossbow sound spot on and the other sound come through clear and crisp.

Characters: From the angles in the high heavens to the demons in the depths of hell, each character here has their own unique personalities and attitudes. I have to say Cydaea, the maiden of lust is in fact my favorite boss out of the game, she comes off just as her name says; very lustful and cocky and I just fell in love with her. Other demons such as Belial the lord of lies is a cunning trickster and works his hardest to royally piss you off. Although it’s hard to tell Imperius the angle of valor from a demon the other angles such as Auriel the angle of hope will warm you with her kind and loving words

Lasting Appeal: You can beat Diablo 3 within 17 hours if you’re pressing it but to be honest it’s well worth another ride as you need to go through higher difficulty to get the real awesome stuff. Don’t forget there’s an online mode you can go through with your friends which only add on to the fun.

Overall: Diablo 3 is an amazing game that deserves to be bought actually while I’m on that subject why are you reading this and why and I typing this? Get out there and buy the game now!



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