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Deus Ex: Human Revolution – The Missing Link Review

The first DLC for Deus Ex is out and I was able to sit down and play through this addition to what has been one of my favorite games of the year. The Missing Link puts you in control of Adam during the time in the campaign story between leaving Hengsha and arriving in Singapore. In the game, Adam climbs into a stasis pod in order to mail himself to an enemy hideout. This is obvious, because in the future airport security must have reached some as of yet unimagined forms of personal violation in the name of safety. However, when Jensen exits his Fed-Ex style freight mail transport, Pritchards mentions that Jensen has been out of contact for three days. In the campaign, this is nothing more than a minor footnote of an event.

The Missing Link gives you the chance to fill in the blanks for those 3 missing days, and this time your missing package isn’t Fed-Ex’s fault. Now, this DLC does not launch from within the game itself. It is a stand alone DLC that is launched from the main menu and has no effect on your normal game. You can consider this to be an episode style addition to the Deus Ex story as it has a place it fits within the story, but you can choose when to partake in it.

The main plot of the DLC is that during Adam’s anti-airport travel plan he is discovered by Belltower Security because he managed to stash himself on their ship. Way to go Adam…Fed-Ex yourself on the enemy’s ship, that’s smart. This doesn’t go over well with Belltower when they discover him sleeping in a box like some Solid Snake reject. So they capture and interrogate him.  Adam’s Augments wont help him either because the man in charge straps him to an EMP Chair that trashes them. Some anonymous hacker helps release you in secret and Adam uses this chance to figure out where he is and where the ship is headed.

Now don’t worry about the Augments as the DLC will give you the chance to rebuild them and even a chance to try out a different combination than you did in the first game. Instead of building my stealth, hacking, computer sciences nerd Adam Jensen like I did in the campaign, I tried out a more direct approach. This time, Dermal Armor+ Gun Fighting=Rambo Adam Jensen! This is easily accomplished because within 30 minutes of playing you will find a cache of Praxis Kits and the EXP from missions is more than generous. An interesting note is that unlike the campaign, the Boss Battle in the DLC was developed by Eidos instead of G.R.I.P Entertainment and you will find it to be frighteningly easy compared to the campaign. The campaign battles were not received very well by players since most adopted a stealth gameplay style and the boss fight forced you into a head-on fight with stealth essentially not being an option. It looks like the players were heard, so don’t expect an overly difficult time finishing off the boss.

The point of this DLC was to explain the missing days, reveal secrets and expose layers of conspiracy, but I found there were not as many answers as might have been expected. As far as new content/experiences not available in the campaign, you wont find much but the DLC campaign was awesome so it’s definitely not a huge loss.
The Missing Link DLC adds about 6-7 hours of gameplay easily, if not rushed through, and 10 new Achievements/Trophies for those of you who have to accomplish everything.
All of that for $15? That’s well worth the price, in my opinion.

8 out of 10

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