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Deponia Review

Deponia, a game of love, adventure, and clicking, it is a game that requires dedication and patience to play. In the long run it is well worth it. Developed by Daedelic Entertainment, Deponia is certainly a departure from the dark gritty games such as The Dark Eye. Nonetheless, Deponia is a game that gamers should play because of the well written story.

In recent gaming releases point and click adventure games are becoming more and more frequent, however, it is clear that Daedelic Entertainment brings the most to the table, and Deponia just solidifies this title. This is a tale about a young man who wishes to change hi situation in life. With a dead end job, father issues, and none of his plans to escape have been working. Oh yeah, and living with his bitter ex-girlfriend does not help. However, Rufus claims his most recent plan will work no matter what. Unfortunately this is not the case and his way of escape gets destroyed on liftoff. There is a silver lining to every cloud I suppose, and Rufus finds himself on a ship where he finds a woman of importance, little did he know, that she will change his life forever.

The core gameplay of Deponia is the standard point and click style with transitioning frames and characters to interact with. What you pick up changed your ability to interact with other objects. What sets Deponia apart from other PnC adventure games is the integration of setting and gameplay. He lives on a planet on junk, literally. So the architecture and tools look thrown together. That is exactly how you will begin to solve puzzles. Upon collecting a variety of items, you will be able to mix items together to create something useful. This mechanic is brilliantly taught through the creative tutorial and executed well in the first area.

Apart from the item “crafting” you will not notice too much difference between Deponia and another PnC Adventure. I would like to make a special mention of the quirky art style. It is well drawn and animated. This would transition very well into a cartoon, which is something I cannot say for most titles. The vibrant colors make catch your eye and the art can actually make you side tracked and you forget what you were doing.

The best part about Deponia is the story. Rufus finds this girl, Goal, who bears a lot of importance to everyone involved. However, he feels an obligation to make sure she is ok and to save her from whomever is trying to find her. In a Luke and Leia fashion (without the incest) he has a unique love for her and wishes to play hero. The story is lighthearted but the character interaction can get really dark despite the comedic disposition. The game is naturally funny; it does not try to be funny like Bulletstorm or Dane Cook. You will get a chuckle out of the interactions with Rufus and his environment. The biggest problem with Deponia is the length. It ends incredibly quick and at the end, you are disappointed that this story has ended.

Despite the abrupt ending, there is very little wrong with Deponia. If you are a fan of PnC adventures, this is a must have. I give Deponia an 8.75/10. Pick it up on Steam for 20 USD.

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