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Demon Gaze Review

Kadokawa games and Experience Inc has given RPG fans a new Jewel in disguise for the Playstation Vita in the form of Demon Gaze. Ill admit I was very skeptical when I started playing the first person RPG, as the graphics seemed lacking and so did the enemies and overall dungeon crawling experience. But the more I played the more I was hooked and discovered that the game is actually very well done. Consisting of around 30 to 40 hours of gameplay there’s plenty here for you to sink your teeth into. dg1.1

First off I loved the party system in this game. Its turn based and you hold up to five people in your party at any one time. All your party members are completely customizable and come from a slew of races, genders, and classes giving a wide variety of looks and strategies to go off of. This was nice because you can mold the party to your play style easily ranging from a super defensive paladin, a long range spell caster, a high attack powered samurai, or a handful of other appealing choices. dg4

You step into the role of the Demon Gazer, hence the title. Your role in the game is to use your unique and rare abilities to capture and command powerful demons out in the dungeons you explore. Without giving away spoilers, every demon gives you a new set of abilities both in and outside of battles. But you must have the demon equipped to use said abilities and with a restriction on how many you can carry with you at any given time you must plan wisely based on there ability sets. The difficulty curve in the game seems very tough and honestly, it is a tough game. But as long as you plan, and build your party accordingly, its very very rewarding for every victory you achieve. dg2

The game has a likable cast of characters as well. Well, let me rephrase that. It has characters your learn to hate, ones you laugh at and are great comic relief, ones you get attached to, and much more. And that is one thing that makes this RPG very fun and worth while cause lets face it, if the cast sucks it drags the entire game down regardless. Some of the characters personalities are brought into the game play as well, such as the money hungry inn keeper that every single time you return from a dungeon makes you pay rent and the cost raises every time as well. dg1

Travel in the game is very similar to the Etrian Odyssey games. You move through a grid inside the dungeons while picking up items, opening doors, and comencing battles. Most of the battles are random encounters, but a few of them are marked with a floating skull above the tile they reside on letting you know that if contact is made be ready for a fight. Fights can range from one enemy, up to nine in a single battle which really gave more of that satisfying feeling when winning a tough fought battle. dg3

Overall I would say don’t judge a book by its cover. This is a highly addictive budgeted game that shines on the Vita. Lots of gameplay, customizable party, unique and intriguing characters, and a difficulty thats challenging and very rewarding. It really is hard to put the game down after you’ve taken out your first dungeon and secured a demon. I give Demon Gaze a 7 out of 10. Happy Gaming.

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