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Dead Space 3: Awakened Review

Recently, EA and Visceral Games released their first(And hopefully not last)DLC for the atomic hit, Dead Space 3! If you all remember from my review of the game, I mentioned how a DLC side-story would surpass Severed from Dead Space 2. Well, I was right…it did.

Now, while Dead Space 2: Severed took place DURING the events of Dead Space 2, Awakened takes place after the main game. So this review contains…


For a recap, after the end-credits finish, you hear the presumed-dead Isaac Clarke yelling for Ellie on his communicator. That little cliffhanger is what left it open for a DLC…well, I think so anyway. Now, once you start up the DLC, you see Isaac waking up in…an apartment!? Not joking, he actually turns off an alarm clock and walks over to the bathroom sink. When he looks into the mirror, John Carver is looking at hims asking him “What the fuck are you doing in my apartment?”. Obviously, this is another dream or “freak out” as I like to call them. Anyway, when you snap out of it(Thanks to a smack in the head by Carver), you both realize you are still on what’s left of Tau Volantis. So, you set out to find a way off this Hoth wannabe. Through a bit of dialogue and even more “freak outs”, you both come up with a plan to steal one of Danik’s(One of the Unitologist antagonists from the main game)dropships and head up to the old-ass CMS Terra Nova, still orbiting above the planet. However, during the way there, you begin to come across messages and people saying “They are hungry. They are coming” over and over again. Well as it turns out, the remnants of the Order are now insane(As if they weren’t before)and now worshiping the Necromorphs and have taken refuge inside the derelict spaceship.


These guys have some serious problems. But on top of dealing with fucked up cultists, both John and Isaac have to deal with their ever-growing insanity and hostility towards each other, though it’s mostly caused by being in such close and constant contact with the Markers. While not technically Necromorphs, most of the cultists  have protrusions coming out of their body and they usually exhibit the signs and mannerisms of said Necromorphs. Hell, some of them even stick around for display! Take a look!

I'd like to see Filter make a song about this.

I’d like to see Filter make a song about this.

The insanity slowly developing within each man’s psyche hits a critical point, resulting in a psuedo-boss fight between Isaac and John. Of course, it’s chalked up to the Markers, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless. After reality comes bounding the actual fuck back, Isaac manages to get the part to the ship’s core and gets things going. Hauling psycho ass back to the bridge, you finally take off and head back to Earth. Once you are in Earth space you are greeted by 3 Brethren Moons which, if you remember, was the final boss of the main game! Yeah boys and girls! The first Brethren Moon sent out a signal and awoke the others! The ending of this DEFINITELY leaves it wide open for a 4th game!

So, all in all the first DLC for Dead Space 3 is phenomenally awesome! It’s like playing a little “minisode” of the main game. Unfortunately, it’s nowhere near as long as Severed was(Only spanning 3 chapters), but the challenge factor involved definitely makes up for it. Also, unlike Severed, you can take all your upgrades and weapons into the DLC prior to starting it. So, you don’t have to worry about getting rapedowned by Necromorphs and cultists at every turn. So, hopefully the outcry for more DLC or another entry in the series reaches Visceral Game’s ears and they grace us with another kick-ass Dead Space title or even a DLC!

9.5 OUT OF 10

Until next episode…

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