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Dead Rising 3: The Official Strategy Guide (Review)


Dead Rising is a game that has many fine notes and it possesses many elements of what makes a good launch title. The game is familiar and feels somewhat new with the inclusion of new gameplay mechanics. Much like the previous game, you must find items and combine them into weapons of mass slaughter. There is a catch, you must collect the blueprints first, and those are scattered about the city of Los Perdidos. The Dead Rising 3 strategy guide is small, but offers a lot of useful information such as collectible locations and strategies to defeat the psychopaths that rise up in the city. The guide does offer spoilers if you look ahead in the book.

As I mentioned previously the size of the book is not as large due to the lack of end game content. After you complete the story there aren’t many side quests so all you do is collect the Frank West statues and any blueprints you missed. The Dead Rising 3 strategy guide has the location of every side quest (and how to activate them), every blueprint, every ZDC Speaker, every Frank West Statue, and every strategy to complete the minigames that are scattered about. This makes 1000 pointing the game easier.

9c692b8f9eb04baad84a01dc87e59662The book is well organized and well designed for what it offers. Paragraphs are accompanied by pictures to show you the exact location of items and missions because just showing the overhead map barely does any justice. Many locations for statues or blueprints must be found by navigating a variety of rooftops and similar building obstructions so the way to get items is not always direct. Thankfully the guide offers a mix of detailed worded explanations and some visual details as well.

Something that I found incredibly useful other than the locations for the collectibles was the strategies for defeating the psychopaths. Something that I have given Dead Rising credit for throughout the years is the incredibly varied villain cast in both terms of personality and fighting “unique-ness”. Every psychopath is fought differently and because of this, the weapons and companions you bring are a big factor. This strategy guide will give you pointers on what to bring and why you would bring them. Then there is a detailed explanation of attack patterns that described how you should react after certain attacks. In a few guides the boss explanations can be quite vague, but not in this guide, and when playing through Nightmare Mode, you best know those patterns like the back of your hand. In addition to the strategies that help you against bosses there is also a collection of ways to beat the Survival Missions and these are just as descriptive as the boss sections.

In the back of the book you have descriptions and ways to get the achievements for the game as well as a glossary for every vehicle, weapon, food item, weapon combo, vehicle combo, and food combo in the game. Each item has stats listed and what their uses are as well as a picture of what they look like. There are even locations for each item listed so you know where to go and get them.

With everything contained in Dead Rising 3, a strategy guide is very useful, and with the guide brought to us from BradyGames I would recommend no other. As usual, this is a guide you must pick up because it is no fun looking everything up on the internet. I give the Dead Rising 3 Official Strategy Guide from BradyGames a 10/10. It certainly is the perfect compliment to Dead Rising 3.

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